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#biggest news this week (in German for once)

Der globale Aufstand der Städte – gegen die Städte, für andere Städte – “Leute wie Blocher sind nur die nationalen Filialleiter der globalen Kapitalinteressen. Ihr Job besteht darin jene Konfusion zu schaffen, in deren Windschatten man ungestört weltweite Geschäfte machen kann.” Ein grossartiger Text von P.M. zu den Abstimmungsresultaten von neulich.

#watch and

I Am a Ukrainian – Powerful and well done.

Brian Williams Raps “Rapper’s Delight” – Now what you hear is not a test.

Pussy Riot – Putin will teach you how to love – “Sochi is blocked – Olympic surveillance Special forces, weapons, crowds of cops”

Sir David Attenborough’s describes Olympic curling – “First time I’ve actually understood WTF curling was all about …”

Pussy Riot ‘Whipped’ By Cossacks Patrolling Sochi Winter Olympics – “Under the banner Sochi 2014, to the sound of “Putin will teach us to love the homeland”, Cossacks attacked Pussy Riot, beat us with whips and sprayed a lot of pepper gas at us”

Fish (Rémi Gaillard) – Flapping

El perro también quería jugar – The dog wins


A Ledger and a Network – “Bitcoin, Money, and Datalove, Part Two”

The Definitive Guide to Never Watching Woody Allen Again – “If you’ve come down on the side of boycotting Allen entirely, we’re here to help.”

De La Soul Gave Away Pirated Copies of Their Own Music – “Since you can’t legally obtain most of the act’s music online it was a great gesture, made especially intriguing by the discovery that the copies handed out came from a pirate source.”

Twitter I Love You But You’re Bringing Me Down – “I have learned that the internet can be astoundingly kind and astoundingly cruel. It can be education, and turn around and build a cage of lies around you. It can save your life, and ruin it.”

West Virginia Mountaintop Coal Removal Photos – This has left me speechless, does human greed know no limit?

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