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Stewart Lee’s Comedy Vehicle: Series 3: Shilbottle – “Stewart Lee’s award-winning stand-up series returns after a three-year absence”

P.S. Hoffman (A Tribute) – “A post-script journey through Philip Seymour Hoffman’s lifetime in cinema.”


When a Goddess Falls Back to Earth: Ammachi and the publication of “Holy Hell” in India. – “We are currently in the midst of the fall of the beloved “Hugging Saint,” Mata Amritanandamayi, “affectionately” known as Ammachi, or Amma, which happens to mean “mother” in India.”

Snowden Gives Testimony To European Parliament Inquiry Into Mass Surveillance, Asks For EU Asylum – “A few weeks back, we reported that the European Parliament’s Civil Liberties, Justice and Home Affairs (LIBE) committee planned to send some questions to Edward Snowden as part of its inquiry on electronic mass surveillance of EU citizens. He’s now replied to these, prefacing them with a short statement” nice tl;dr summary.

What’s Behind the Free PDF of “It’s Complicated” (no, no, not malware…) – “I put a free PDF copy of “It’s Complicated” on my website the day the book officially launched. But as some folks noticed, I didn’t publicize this when I did so. For those who are curious as to why, I want to explain.”

Feds Drop Most Charges Against Man Who Linked to Anonymous’ Stolen Data – “Federal prosecutors in Texas have moved to drop all but one of the 12 fraud charges against Barrett Brown, a writer charged with crimes that involved data stolen by a member of Anonymous.”

Meet the seven people who hold the keys to worldwide internet security – “It sounds like the stuff of science fiction: seven keys, held by individuals from all over the world, that together control security at the core of the web. The reality is rather closer to The Office than The Matrix ”

11 Alternatives to Burning Man – “Well, there are several alternatives to “That Thing In The Desert.” Some (Nowhere, AfrikaBurn) are “regionals,” officially recognized by the Burning Man Project. Others (Secret Garden Party, What the Festival) were inspired by their founders’ trips to the desert.”


Der Feind aller Hausverwaltungen ist in Haft – “Dieses Mal ist Puber der Angeschmierte: Der Sprayer, der sich selbst als „Staatsfeind Nummer 1“ feierte und privat auch mal Windel mit der Aufschrift „Ich bin Gott, du schwuler…“ am Kopf trug, wurde am heutigen Donnerstag um 11:00 Uhr vormittags von der Wiener Polizei verhaftet.”

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