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The one with the thing that said something to that dude … Oh, I don’t know. This was a nice read:

How football lost touch with its young fans – “Back in the 1970s, when fathers stood on the terraces with their sons, football was rooted in the local community. In this extract from his acclaimed book, And the Sun Shines Now, a Hillsborough survivor charts how clubs lost touch with their fans”

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We Got 20 British Strangers Who Aren’t Models to Kiss Each Other – “we went out into the street and found 20 strangers who aren’t models of any description to stick their stiff British upper lips together for £20 a pop.”

#WithSyria – “On the third anniversary of conflict, let us stand #WithSyria”

FIRST HANDJOB (First Kiss Parody) – “We asked twenty strangers to jerk each other off for the first time…”

Nothing – “Scenes from “Seinfeld” (1989-1998) where nothing happens. A supercut of empty shots.”


Cash Rules Everything Around Me – “America is the worst country in the world. Cui bono?”

Solitary in Iran Nearly Broke Me. Then I Went Inside America’s Prisons – “We throw thousands of men in the hole for the books they read, the company they keep, the beliefs they hold. Here’s why”

The Open Enigma Project by S&T Geotronics – “An Open Source Enigma Replica for all.”

«Art Under Mass Surveillance» Impressions – “In a day-long event at Helmhaus we investigated into the topics of art, free internet and surveillance. In their afternoon NETworkshop, Julian Oliver and Danja Vasiliev, authors of the «Critical Engineering Manifesto», showed participants the technical and political dimensions of the Internet.”

How to Disappear Online – “And while it might seem impossible to keep your private life private and your Internet presence to a minimum in a 24/7 connected world, the truth is you can disappear online with a little effort and dedication.”

Ed Snowden at SXSW: They’re “setting fire to the future of the Internet” – “Google wants to sit between you and everyone you interact with and provide some added value,” including advertising, he said. “Now, $5 a month for encrypted communication where no one can watch you—that’s something that people might be willing to pay for.”

A Game Is Being Beaten – “The trend in video game design is to comment on violence by asking players to perform violence. But could there be pleasure in performing consent?”


Das Kapital, das die Menschen holt – ” Ein beträchtlicher Teil der Zuwanderung werde durch ausländische Firmen verursacht, die die Schweiz durch tiefe Steuern ins Land lockt, behauptet die Denkfabrik Avenir Suisse. Stimmt nicht, kontern Medien. Recherchen der WOZ belegen nun die These.”

Orange, Sunrise und Swisscom verbessern ihre AGB – “Alle drei Schweizer Telekommunikationsanbieter (Orange, Sunrise und die Swisscom) passen missbräuchliche Passagen im Kleingedruckten an – zu Gunsten der Konsumentinnen und Konsumenten!”

De:Bug verabschiedet sich – “De:Bug wollte immer alles vereinen: Musik, Technik, Netz, Selbstbeherrschung. Wir wollten die Schnittstelle zum Glück sein. Das Glück aber liegt am Ende wohl nicht unbedingt zwischen gedruckten Seiten. An Ideen für alternative Modelle hat es uns nie gemangelt, allein die Umsetzung aus dem Flickenteppich der Unabhängigkeit heraus erwies sich aber immer als unmöglich. Dann doch lieber mit Liebe die nächste Ausgabe machen.”

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