companies r gettin desperate

this morning i am holding a cd-r in my hand and for some reason i notice the text on there, the text you usually dont even see anymore. memorex r – is it live or is it memorex? it read there to my great amusement.
now thats got to be the worst slogan ever. how bloody desperate.
first of all, why do memorex asume we are going to record music onto the cd-r?
we could burn a data-cd, could we not? this slogan almost cries out for a lawsuit from the music-industry. wouldn’t it be better – like in the war on drugs – to persue the dealers not the consumers.
then the good people at memorex seem to imagine us having huge orchestras at home, recording them and then comparing the recording in one room to the live sound in the next room, or something…
the world of brands is a desperate one. its tuff, after just do it was snagged up by nike the best and snappiest is gone and now they all have to try soooo hard. mcdonalds – i am loving it being the most recent sad example.
for some reason this reminds me of microsoft receiving a patent for cookies. thats so incredibly fucking desperate, well actually sneaky-desperate. and we are of course not talking of an expansion from the software to the bakery industry (which would be kinda nice! imagine a cookie line called KitchenX, and then next year its gonna be more expensive, more buggy and will be called Kitchen2004), but of the cookies every internetsurfer uses each and every day without even noticing. and as usual with microsoft the only question is, how and when will they start charging us for this? not will they?

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