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Game of Thrones : seasons 1-2-3 explained in less than 5 minutes – “The First Three Seasons of ‘Game of Thrones’ Summarized in Less Than 5 Minutes with Maps”

【グラソー ビタミンウォーター】「NYリミックススペシャル – It’s a commercial. For Mineral Water, whatever the fuck that is. Fuck em. But it’s well done.


SF housing protests get personal as another Googler is confronted at home – “Protest is the third in recent months to target a Google employee.”

Appeals court reverses hacker/troll “weev” conviction and sentence – “A federal appeals court Friday reversed and vacated the conviction and sentence of hacker and Internet troll Andrew “weev” Auernheimer.”

LA Sheriffs launch crowdsourced crowd control: LEEDIR, a surveillance app that uses your photos and videos – “The Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department today unveiled a software program that allows US law enforcement agencies who adopt it to solicit and gather videos and photos of “emergency events” from the public.” Wanna be a snitch? There’s an app for that.

Dropping Dropbox – what’s a replacement? – “I loved Dropbox and Mailbox. I was paying for a 200GB account. But after learning that Iraq war starter, torture promotor, and warrantless wiretapper Condoleezza Rice will be joining Dropbox’s Board of Directors I deleted my account”

Why US fracking companies are licking their lips over Ukraine | Naomi Klein – “From climate change to Crimea, the natural gas industry is supreme at exploiting crisis for private gain – what I call the shock doctrine”

My Love for the Naked McDonald’s Rampage Woman – “That chaos should release herself in McDonald’s is doubly inspiring. Because really, what better symbol of corporate violence could there be than a McDonald’s?”

MIKRO.TV APPEL À PARTICIPATION – “Chacun est invité à participer : la station met à disposition une antenne, une régie technique complète et un plateau de tournage, permettant à tous ceux qui le souhaitent de venir réaliser sur place et en direct leur propre émission de télé d’une durée variable, jusqu’à 45 minutes”

A tale of two cities: how San Francisco’s tech boom is widening the gap between rich and poor – “San Francisco is awash with tech money. Yet this city of innovation is also a place where you have to step over the homeless to buy a $20 artisan coffee.”

Game of Thrones / by Nigel Evan Dennis – Interactive infographic with all the GoT characters.

The Dark Side of the Covers – Album covers imagined from the other side.

Italian Far-Right Lega Nord Activists Almost Drown Attempting Stunt To Prove How ‘Easy’ Illegal Immigration Is – “Italian right-wing activists have reportedly had to be rescued from drowning, after a stunt attempting to show how easy it is to cross between Italy and Tunisia went embarrassingly awry.”

Restoring CC attribution to Flickr, because Yahoo broke it – “Flickr has been one of the most important repositories of Creative Commons imagery in the world; now, thanks to a new design, it’s all but useless for serving and attributing the CC-licensed images it’s been entrusted with by museums, galleries, national archives, libraries, and millions of individuals.”

Furoshiki: Zero-Waste Shopping in Japan – “In a time when cloth-making was one of the most advanced technologies, a piece of square cloth was all that a man needed to carry goods around. Japanese call it ‘Furoshiki’, a square cloth that with different wrapping techniques can basically transport anything.”


«Wir werden widerlegen, dass wir ein fröhliches Volk sind» – “Brasilien scheint sich nicht so richtig auf die Fussballweltmeisterschaft freuen zu können. Dazu ist der Anlass zu teuer und die Infrastruktur zu schlecht. Ein Augenschein in São Paulo.”

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