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Jungle Fever – “Explore the movement that redefined British urban music: jungle”


Calibrated Background Noise Generators – “Welcome to the convergence of serious audio engineering, creative sound design, and the scientific understanding of human hearing. The site you are about to enter is not just another of those soundscape websites but a serious tool oriented toward the needs of hearing professionals, sound therapists, and people interested in noise machines in general.”

DJ Food | ‘E is for Eighties Edits’ new mix for Solid Steel – “My latest Solid Steel mix compiles an hour of mostly unofficial remixes, re-edits and versions of classic pop songs from the 80′s, remodeled by fans or studio engineers with access to the separate track stems.”

Pirate Bay’s Anti-Censorship Browser Clocks 5,000,000 Downloads – “The Tor-based PirateBrowser, which allows people to bypass ISP filtering and access blocked websites, has already been downloaded more than five million times since its launch”

Brandalism – “Brandalism is a revolt against corporate control of the visual realm. It is the biggest anti-advertising campaign in world history and it’s getting bigger.”

Inhabit: A Permaculture Perspective by Costa Boutsikaris – “A documentary film introducing Permaculture – designing a world where people and planet can thrive.”

iMessage purgatory – “In the meantime, Apple has completely hijacked my text messaging and my phone number portability (portability between devices, not networks). No one can fix this but Apple because it’s a problem at the device level”

Firefox’s adoption of closed-source DRM breaks my heart – “The purpose is to support commercial video streams. But this is a radical, disheartening development in the history of the organisation, long held out as a beacon for the open, free spirit of the web as a tool for liberation.”

Premier Leage 2013/2014 – “Well, that was fun, eh?” Fun yeh, but it ended horribly.


Das Platzspitz-Trauma – “Die riesige offene Drogenszene in den Achtziger- und Neunzigerjahren zählt zu den grössten sozialen Katastrophen Zürichs und der Schweiz überhaupt.”

Kleine Arschlöcher werden zu gesünderen Erwachsenen – “Dass Bullying für die Opfer heftige Konsequenzen haben kann, die bis zum Selbstmord reichen können, ist schon seit einiger Zeit klar. Das aber die kleinen Kontrollfreaks auch noch gesundheitlich besser wegkommen als Unbeteiligte scheint da eigentlich unfair.” Kurz: Karma funktioniert nicht.

„Das Problem ist das Wachstum.“ – Fairphone-Macher Bas van Abel im Interview – “Eine große Firma ist ein System, kein Mensch. Als Konsument hat man Einfluss darauf, was Firmen machen. Deshalb wenden wir uns auch an den Konsumenten und nicht an Firmen. Firmen sind Soziopathen, die nur vorgeben, wie Menschen zu agieren.”

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