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David Graeber: “Spotlight on the financial sector did make apparent just how bizarrely skewed our economy is in terms of who gets rewarded” – “David Graeber explains why the more your job helps others, the less you get paid” Brilliant!

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Oberyn vs Mountain (The Denial Version) – “P.S HBO. All me edit tricks for this video can simply be done in abode ey. Sure you got some people there that can bloody sort that out.”

Philip Seymour Hoffman on Happiness – “Learning how to die is therefore learning how to live”

Junior Robots – Nur Downloads ins Leere – Nur.


Edward Snowden calls for greater online privacy in Reset the Net campaign – “Whistleblower says ‘Don’t ask for your privacy. Take it back’ as groups join together to try to encourage online encryption”

Deep Anger – “Deep Anger is a form of empathy, care, even love. … Unless humanity breaks through the denial, unless we start to get angry—fuckin’ angry—then we won’t ever be able to accept the challenge at hand. We won’t ever be able to rise up and face our planetary reality … we won’t ever be able to fight … and we won’t be able to win.”

Jonathan Richman: In Love with the Modern World – “Jerry, I’m gonna have to hit you with a frying pan, ’cause I have to hurt somebody in order to know that I am stoned and I’m not myself…”

“You should be left with a fucking mess of unanswered questions” – “After a while you wouldn’t wash your hands, because if you get a few layers of that breading on you, it would protect you, you’d basically have Kentucky Fried Chicken hands after.”

Nimbus™ e-Car – Dear car industry, please make this happen!

ARTIST SURVIVAL SIMULATOR – “Your life as an artist is about to begin. Feeling stoked? YES! No”

Reset The Net – Privacy Pack – “This June 5th, I pledge to take strong steps to protect my freedom from government mass surveillance. I expect the services I use to do the same.”

June 5th One Year After Snowden & MORE – Whistleblower Sun Salute (Public Event) “Gather at Brandenburger Tor to welcome June 5 with a whistle-blowing session led by composer Colin Hacklander of N.K. Projekt. Bring your whistle if possible! Some whistles provided by Ver.di. Whistleblowing begins at 8:00 sharp. Be on time!”

Goodbye, Alexander Shulgin – “With minimal financial resources in a tiny backyard lab, Shulgin made some of the 20th century’s most important contributions to the fields of psychopharmacology and medicinal chemistry, and it wasn’t because he possessed knowledge that nobody else had but because he was passionate and willing to risk his freedom and financial stability to explore something he knew had vital scientific importance.”

SHRTURL – Faking the web since 1942 – Hmm, I can think of some fun things to do with this, you?

Find a Google Glass and kick it from the network – “Privacy is the power to selectively reveal oneself to the world.”


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