the hint of the century

once in your lifetime make sure to go to a demonstration with the one and only missie w!!!
never had such a laugh at a demo before ever!
wicked delicious fun.
under missie w’s lead we were marching for more goblin childcare, fairer distribution of beauty and the legalisation of cellery root and other aphrodisiacs.
i never quite found out what the rest of the demonstration was for or – more likely – against.
i did however get a few puzzled looks when i screamed celery loudly a few times.
it all went really well until missie developed a severe case of bannerophobia. but thats another story…
next time we will dress up as celery roots, that will be even better….
coffinbeermissie w protesting unfair distribution of beauty
missie w = prolly the only (post-)goth in the world who smiles all the time….

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