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#TORrorist – “You might have heard that the NSA thinks that every user of TOR is an extremist and needs to be surveilled. With this simple 100% cotton t-shirt you can show that you don’t really care what the NSA thinks and that you’ll support TOR nonetheless.”

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兵庫県議 政務費不正疑惑 泣き乱しながら潔白主張 – Japanese man slightly overdoes his mea culpa.


Twitter Removes Users “Pirated” World Cup Avatars – “Twitter has removed the profile pictures of several of its users after the company received a takedown notice from World Cup organizer FIFA. The football organization forbids the use of any of its official logos and emblems on social media, including pictures of the World Cup trophy.”

Universal Music Can Delete Any SoundCloud Track Without Oversight – “In a bid to tackle alleged infringement, popular music sharing platform SoundCloud is offering unlimited removal powers to certain copyright holders. Responding to a complaint from a UK DJ the company admitted that Universal Music can delete any and all SoundCloud tracks without oversight.”

155. BANKSY: Taking the piss (explicit) – “This quote was taken from Banksy’s 2004 book Cut It Out. Some of the passage was inspired/appropriated from an essay by artist Sean Tejaratchi. I rearranged the last couple of sentences for this comic.”

Data Cuisine, food as data expression – “The workshop invites participants to translate local data into culinary creations, turning arid numbers into sensually ‘experienceable’ matter. Participants chose their topics, investigate related data, shop for comestible ingredients and under the guidance of chefs, they learn how to create dishes that will not only be delicious but also act as entry points to discussions about local issues that range from emigration to criminality, suicide rate, unemployment, sexuality or science funding.”

Lionel Messi Is Impossible – Leo Messi, data crunched.

Millions Watch World Cup Through Pirated Live Streams – “Millions of people have tuned in to pirated World Cup streams thus far, with some games getting nearly half a million unauthorized viewers. TorrentFreak spoke with the French-Israeli content protection firm Viaccess-Orca, who sent roughly 2,000 takedown notices to content platforms that host or link to illegally streamed World Cup matches.”

Man dumpster dives 3,000 km across Europe to protest food waste (Video) – “The idea of dumpster diving for food may seem like a shocking extreme, but you may change your mind when confronted with the fact that close to half of the food produced in the world also goes to waste — along with the water that was used to grow it. In an endeavour to raise awareness about this major problem, 25-year-old Baptiste Dubanchet from Tours, France, is going on a 3,000 kilometre (1864 mile) bike journey from Paris to Warsaw, Poland — fed only by perfectly good food that has been thrown away by supermarkets and bakeries, or given to him by kind strangers.”

Kicking Addiction by Going from Heroin to Methadone to Ibogaine – “Ibogaine is a substance derived from the plant of an African shrub called Tabernanthe iboga, which is known for its psychedelic qualities and used in African spiritual ceremonies. Some claim it’s something of a miracle cure for opiate addiction with minimal withdrawal symptoms. The theory goes that after a long, heavy trip on Ibogaine you no longer want heroin or other sorts of drugs quite so badly.”

Facebook can manipulate your mood. It can affect whether you vote. When do we start to worry? – “If Facebook is a country, then it is a corporate dictatorship. This is not a metaphor. I believe that it is beyond time that we began to hold social networking not just to the laws of the market, but to the common laws of the societies we live in and the societies we want to see.”

Internet’s Own Boy, free CC-licensed download on Internet Archive – “The Creative Commons-licensed version of The Internet’s Own Boy, Brian Knappenberger’s documentary about Aaron Swartz, is now available on the Internet Archive, which is especially useful for people outside of the US, who aren’t able to pay to see it online.”


Deutsche im Visier des US-Geheimdienstes: Von der NSA als Extremist gebrandmarkt – “Es darf keine freien, anonymen Räume geben”, sagt er. “Die wollen alles über jeden wissen.”

Teures Erbe der Fussball-WM 2010 – “Auch in Südafrika erhoffte man sich von der Fussball-Weltmeisterschaft starke wirtschaftliche Impulse. Doch vier Jahre nach dem riesigen Anlass steht das Land ökonomisch schlecht da. Der Unterhalt der Bauten ist eine schwere Bürde.”

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