a week from today i will go to the mountains for a month – to relax, think, dj, read….
great, right?
no way! its awful!
its a week early and already i am expierencing a huge FEAR OF BEING OFFLINE.

could i be the only one suffering from this???? because guess what… there is actually not even an expression for this yet and i checked all through the PHOBIALIST.
so we were having a think with missie w. last saturday and since we discovered it, we claim it.
it shall be called: EXTRALINEAPHOBIA

thing is: technically speaking i wont even be offline. the house has dial-up internet AND i have my smartphon.
but both those options are a/ slow b/ pay-per-minute and c/ fucking expensive! itzah killah.
it will be traumatic… i think its time to admit, i now practically live on my blog, online…
at least i dont have it as bad as warren ellis of diepunyhumans, who informs people on his blog, even when he is just off to the pub for a couple of hours…

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