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Mesoamérica Resiste – Beehive Design Collective made this great poster, that now inspires us every day on the walls of our living room.

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The Smile Bitch Training Camp – “Are you a woman who finds it hard to smile AT ALL TIMES? Are men constantly begging you to smile in public?”

STREETS – NEW YORK CITY – “Shot with the Freefly TERO in the streets of Manhattan, Brooklyn and Queens.”

Ep. 9: What is Marxism? (Karl Marx + Super Mario Bros.) – Super Mario has a revolutionary dream


Artists Destroy Beuys Sculpture to Make Booze – “Eva Beuys […] called the performance “crap and stupid,” speaking to Germany’s Bild on Wednesday. She claimed that her late husband’s rights have been violated by the destructive act, and said that after hearing the news, she had gotten “red cheeks out of anger.””

Tailings Ponds Are the Biggest Environmental Disaster You’ve Never Heard Of – “gray sludge, several feet deep, gushing with the force of a firehose through streams and forest—coating everything in its path with ashy gunk. What happened on Monday might have been one of North America’s worst environmental disasters in decades, yet the news barely made it past the Canadian border.”

Freddy Fresh suggested… – “I hereby acknowledge Freddy’s request and post the link. I hope everyone else likes it half as much as Freddy does.”

In Search of Perfect Pesto – “The basil paste, a speciality of Genoa, is giving the tomato a run for its money as the default pasta sauce”

Israel, Gaza, War & Data – “social networks and the art of personalizing propaganda” biases in social media on both sides of the israel – palestine conflict visualized.

CyberGhost VPN for Mac Lets You Browse the Web Safely and Anonymously – “Mac users can now use the free VPN service to browse the Internet securely and anonymously.”

A Heavy Metal Alloy, Fused With Youth – “Unlocking the Truth Is a Band That Rocks Beyond Its Years”

Jimmy Wales: digital champion of free speech – “As he prepares to host a Wikimania festival in London, the Wikipedia co-founder is also gearing up to challenge Europe’s controversial ‘right-to-be-forgotten’ legislation”


Frauenleasing – “Wir Frauen sind ein Sicherheitsrisiko. Ob im Bundeshaus, auf der Strasse, in Sport oder Wirtschaft, früher oder später explodiert die Gebärmutter und ergiesst ihre Hysterie unkontrolliert über Land, Leute, Gesellschaft und Medien.”

Von Kreissägen bis zum Feuerwehrkran: Wie die Labitzke-Besetzer die Polizei vorführten – “Unter dem Motto „Ihr nehmt uns das Labitzke-Areal, wir zügeln auf die Strasse“ protestierten die Aktivisten gegen die Räumungsfreigabe durch den Stadtrat, dem noch keine rechtskräftige Baubewilligung vorliegt.”

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