album of the month 11/03

various artists: solid steel presents the herbaliser: herbal blend ::: ninja tune zencd83
instalment numbah 3 of the brilliant solid steel series on ninja tune was compiled and mixed by the herbaliser. its a much more hiphopey record than its predecessors; but as it is really mellow, intelligent and [may we still say blunted?] hip hop at its best, interspersed with some old funk classics, it bloody rocks! and of course the mix is extremly tidy, as usual with the ninja tune crew…
yet still, i would have to say, that this is not my favorite mix of the series –> that would be the hexstatic one…!!! which is sooooo weeeeee it meks me cream my panties, stah…. it does.
coz why try to conceal the obvious? these guys are my heroes when it comes to making mix-tapes; and they have been ever since that incredible coldcut 74 minutes of madness mix.
heavy on samples, fused with a deep dark sense of humour, very varied in musical styles as well as in bpm’s, flavours and moods…
these are journeys into sound. they tell me stories. but before i wax too poetic … shush me!
this album of the month then is more an homage to the series than to this particular mix. i like this one, but both earlier mixes were better. the competition be fierce, yah know…
at any rate keep em coming, ninjassss. how about a mr. scruff one next, ait?


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