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J’adore Paris– Pure kitsch and cliché, but nicely filmed.

The Spread of the Caliphate: The Islamic State (Part 1) – “As the Islamic State continues its violent expansion in Syria and Iraq, it is also working to win the hearts and minds of new recruits and potential new members in areas it controls.”

malfunction – “I’ve no idea what this video is.” We don’t know either. But hey.

Beastie Boys | So What’cha Want | Muppets Version – “The Muppets perform their version of the Beastie Boys’ classic, “So What’cha Want”. Starring the Swedish Chef, Animal, and Beeker.”

Musicless Musicvideo / VILLAGE PEOPLE – YMCA – The funniest one yet.


The VICE Alternative Premier League Preview 2014-15 – yay, proper football is back.

Dressed for Excess – “You’re a journalist in the field. It’s chaotic, people are screaming, glass is breaking, things are blowing up. You want solid, uninterrupted time interviewing someone in a war zone or almost-war zone?”

Premier League to Clamp Down on GIFs and Vines – “The UK’s Premier League has put fans on notice that it’s preparing a crackdown against those who post match GIFs and Vines online. The short clips might only be a few seconds, but the football giant says they are illegal and will be dealt with.”

This Phony ‘Anonymous’ Site Was Set Up to Trap Ferguson Hacktivists – “, however, is not what it seems. Instead of directing a user’s traffic to the intended target, it instead collects the IP addresses of whoever logs on. This information, according to the creator, a self-avowed Anonymous opponent, is then open for law enforcement to act upon.”

Read 5 Stories By Haruki Murakami Free Online – “Take advantage of this brief reprieve and enjoy the many riches of Haruki Murakami’s fictive worlds, which so deceptively impersonate the one most of us live in that we feel right at home in his work until it jolts us out of the familiar and into a “weird tale.””

Edward Snowden: The Untold Story – “Nevertheless, when he’s out in public at, say, a computer store, Russians occasionally recognize him. “Shh,” Snowden tells them, smiling, putting a finger to his lips.”

Being Mark Stone: how to hijack an abandoned identity – “Farid calls the practice “identity-squatting”: finding a name that’s been abandoned and moving in. He had created identities from scratch before as part of his artwork as a way to explore what it means to shake off the baggage that comes with a name. How does it feel to live for a few hours as someone else?”

Chapman Brothers artwork removed from Rome gallery for being ‘paedo-pornographic’ – “Sculpture by British artists Jake and Dinos Chapman removed from Rome’s MAXXI contemporary art museum for being ‘paedo-pornographic'”


Für eine neue Erklärung der Menschenrechte: der Autor Dave Eggers im Gespräch – “Der amerikanische Schriftsteller Dave Eggers hat den Roman unserer Zeit geschrieben: „Der Circle“ zeigt die Welt im Griff der Internetindustrie. Was ist zu tun, damit diese Horrorvision nicht wahr wird? Oder ist sie es sogar schon?”

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