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Somebody – “Send your friend a message…a stranger will deliver it verbally! Or you can deliver someone else’s message! Somebody works when lots of people in the same area download it so invite your friends!”

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Women as Background Decoration: Part 2 – Tropes vs Women in Video Games – “This is the second episode exploring the Women as Background Decoration trope in video games. In this installment we expand our discussion to examine how sexualized female bodies often occupy a dual role as both sexual playthings and the perpetual victims of male violence.”


Trolls drive Anita Sarkeesian out of her house to prove misogyny doesn’t exist – “The threats against Sarkeesian have become a nasty backdrop to her entire project — and her life. If the trolls making them hoped for attention, they’ve gotten it. They’ve also inexorably linked criticism of her work, valid or not, with semi-delusional vigilantism, and arguably propelled Tropes vs. Women to its current level of visibility.”

Vermont Quits War on Drugs to Treat Heroin Abuse as Health Issue – “We must address it as a public health crisis,” Shumlin said, “providing treatment and support rather than simply doling out punishment, claiming victory, and moving on to our next conviction.”

Meatspace chat: your 2 seconds of fame. – chat takes anim gifs fro your webcam.

Monie Love Thinks ‘Okeydoke Rappers’ Are Fucking It Up For Everybody Else – “There’s four elements to it: there’s DJing, there’s MCing, there’s graf writing and there’s b-boying. For me it was a natural transition—I went from one and I transcended into another. A lot of these kids want to put records out now and they don’t come from any of that. They have no interest in any of that, so therefore it’s like there’s no purpose for doing this.”

Henry Rollins: More Thoughts on Suicide – “To those I offended, I believe you and I apologize. If what I wrote causes you to toss me out of your boat, it is to my great regret, but I understand and thank you for your thoughts.”

How to be Polite… for Geeks – “They say don’t be a dick, but they never tell you how.”

Afropunks, Come as You Are – “While on the streets, he rolls out a white sheet of paper and tapes it to a wall. Inspired by Richard Avedon’s rich contrast fashion portraits, and to “avoid distraction from their faces,” Mr. Knott uses a white background for all of his portraits.”

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