666 – itz da magic numbah

uhhhhhh… sffffffpoooky
this is post # 666 of this blog… so this calls for a beastly celebration:
now i am not a satanist!
and i am not even a catholic, so i dont know much about satan at all.
but this number 666 somehow calls for a special dedication.
for one thing its what in german we call “eine schnapszahl“, one of these crazy numbers like 11:11 or 19.9.1999.
then its a symbol. it carries meaning. when i see it, i cant help but shiver. 666 scares me as much as it fascinates me.
so i have posted 666 times here, what does this mean? am i doomed?
i am just a regular ole blogger with a fickle heart, you know…

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