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This awesome dissection of internet hyperbole will make you cry and change your life – “We’re trying to fit in because exaggeration is the official language of the internet, a talking shop so hopelessly overcrowded that only the most strident statements have any impact.”

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Too Many Cooks [adult swim] – “It takes a lot to make stew”


The French Punk Who Tore Down the Berlin Wall – “The photograph that made the front pages the following day was of a punk beating the shit out of the wall with a hammer. Some reports pegged the man as East German, but as I discovered a quarter of a decade later, he’s a actually Frenchman named Laurent who still lives in Berlin.”

29/11 FINE FAME #02 / Plaid live + Luke Vibert – I am actually considering to travel to Bologna for this gig.

THE NEW YORK FOUR | BRIAN WOOD – “DOWNLOAD THE NEW YORK FOUR! The first 100 PAGES of The New York Four is available here as a totally free, no DRM pdf file. Please feel free to pass this along:” which I hereby do.

France: Open letter to the mother of Rémi Fraisse – “The following letter by Farid El Yamni – brother of Wissam, who was killed by police in 2012 – is addressed to the mother of Rémi Fraisse (21), murdered by police in the early hours of October 26th, 2014. Wissam El Yamni (30) was brutally assaulted by cops in Clermont-Ferrand on New Year’s Eve, before being taken into custody.”

Not All Nerds – “This summer, Google, Facebook, Yahoo, Twitter, Apple, and several other Silicon Valley companies published, for the first time, their employee demographics. Here they are:”

Urban Gridded Dogtag Jewelry Collection – “Urban Gridded Dogtags is a jewelry collection with over 120+ wearable maps of favorite locations from 32 countries around the world.”

A Walk Along the Swiss Border – With the ecopop vote coming up “Reuters photographer Denis Balibouse took the occasion to make a photo survey of the border regions Switzerland shares with France, Italy, Germany, and Austria.”

Secure Messaging Scorecard – “Many companies offer “secure messaging” products—but are these systems actually secure?”

Why is political art such elitist twaddle? – “Radical artists are always keen to make a statement; just look at this year’s Turner prize crop. But their work needs to engage with humanity, otherwise it’s just elitist masturbation”

Dear White People/Queridos Gringos: You Want Our Culture But You Don’t Want Us – “This year, as midterm elections near and “immigration reform” gets bandied about on the lips of politicians, urban young white voters will wear skull faces and watch puppets with dancing skeleton bones, and party and drink and celebrate. But those same revelers will not think for a single second of deaths of Latin@s trying to cross a militarized border to escape from the deaths caused by NAFTA and CAFTA and US foreign policy and drug policies and dirty wars in Mexico and Central America.”

shooting range posters depict the innocent targets of gun violence – “there are an estimated 18,000 shooting ranges operating in america today. many of these shooting ranges sell custom targets featuring thugs, terrorists, aliens and zombies. the painfully ironic truth is that the real targets of gun violence aren’t these fictional ‘bad guys’ but rather our real-life friends, neighbors, co-workers and children.”

Is there such a thing as ethical porn? – “The actors say they’re happy, the makers say it’s guilt-free – but what exactly is ‘fair trade’ porn? We find out”

The Art Of Peeing – “The Art Of Peeing.ttf” Yup, a font made by peeing at a wall.


Ein offener Brief eines Ultras an die HoGeSa – “Wir Ultras wollen aber vor allem erstmal wieder eine Sache: Und zwar verdammt noch mal in Frieden Fußball gucken und unseren Verein supporten! Das ist unser Leben. Und das wollen wir leben, ohne dabei Angst haben zu müssen, aufgrund unserer Religion, Hautfarbe oder sexuellen Orientierung von irgendwelchen hirnlosen Ochsen ständig aufs Maul zu bekommen. Und deshalb: Verpisst euch, ihr Scheiß-Nazis!”

Facts to go – “Wir hören und lesen jeden Tag Dinge zum ersten Mal. Verblüffendes, Nützliches, Wissenswertes. Fakten, die unseren Horizont erweitern. Genau darum geht es hier. Teile, was du erfährst. Und lass dich von anderen überraschen.”

Die Wunsch-WOZ – “Was wollten Sie schon immer in der WOZ lesen? Für die letzte Ausgabe des Jahrs verwandelt sich die Redaktion in einen Hort von Feen, die LeserInnenwünsche erfüllen. Also her mit den wilden Ideen – auf dass Ihre publizistischen Träume wahr werden!”

Wie an der Grenze Europas Menschen sterben – “Und schließlich gibt es drei Zäune, die beiden inneren sind rund sechs bis acht Meter hoch und haben oben messerscharfe Spitzen. Allein die Wartung der Zäune in Melilla und der Schwesterstadt Ceuta hat in den letzten ​zehn Jahren 74 Millionen Euro gekostet. Anstatt also Menschen zu helfen, werden Millionen ausgegeben, um sie zu verletzen.”

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