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Berlin’s digital exiles: where tech activists go to escape the NSA – “With its strict privacy laws, Germany is the refuge of choice for those hounded by the security services. Carole Cadwalladr visits Berlin to meet Laura Poitras, the director of Edward Snowden film Citizenfour, and a growing community of surveillance refuseniks”

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If You Give a Mouse an iPhone, Ann Droyd – “a delightful new commentary, voiced by Fred Armisen, on the perils of our tech-obsessed lives and a fully charged romp for readers of all ages.”

PARKLIFE – featuring Rubberbandits – Well played, Russell.

Even worse on a hangover! – Story of my life.


Psychedelic Mushrooms Are Being Studied to Help Ease Depression and Anxiety – “The psychedelic effects of magic mushrooms may help relieve depression, anxiety, and “existential distress” in ways unlike any traditional anti-depressants or anti-anxiety medications, according to new research.” Gief shroomz!

How did the Enigma machine work? – “On the day The Imitation Game hits cinemas, a look at how Allied codebreakers untangled the Enigma” Incl. infographic.

Serial – “Serial will follow one story – a true story – over the course of a whole season. We’ll follow the plot and characters wherever they take us and we won’t know what happens at the end of the story until we get there, not long before you get there with us.” Only at my second episode, but so far, best podcast ever.

Brand and Žižek lead celebrity call for greater whistleblower protections – “More than 50 actors, musicians and philosophers hail Edward Snowden and say those who reveal ‘war crimes and corruption’ deserve support”

Why Gil Scott-Heron Wrote “The Revolution Will Not Be Televised” – “Finding inspiration in a world of unrest and rage”

the Debt Project – “The Debt Project is a photographic and multimedia exploration into the role Debt plays in our personal identity and social structure.”

Glasgow Has Been Plastered in Thousands of Black Remembrance Poppies – “Right now, the way the symbol of the poppy is being used is that the dead are being exploited. They’re being used as tools—just the way they were when they were soldiers—to bolster this idea of “the nation” and excuse more destructive violence in the future. That’s exactly the opposite of what the remembrance poppy should be about.” I kinda prefer the fully pacifist white poppy, I think.

Pirate Bay Founder Peter Sunde Released From Prison – “Former Pirate Bay spokesperson Peter Sunde is a free man again. After more than five months he was released from prison this morning. Peter is expected to take some time off to spend with family and loved ones before he continues working on making the Internet a better place.”

Kraftwerk – 3-D-Konzertreihe “Der Katalog – 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8” – Now in Berlin. Hmm… Nah, it’s just Ralph!

Shlomo Sand Is Not Jewish Any More – “The victims of yesterday have become the hangmen of today”

Against Productivity – “We should spend more time wasting time. We all need to be bored more. We all need to spend more time looking quizzically at birds we don’t recognize. We all need a little more time to connect the dots and see if they matter.”


Laurie Penny: Die Stimme einer neuen Emanzipation fordert eine Revolution, die auch die Männer befreien würde – “Laurie Penny ist die Stimme einer neuen Emanzipation. In ihrem Buch «Unspeakable Things» fordert sie einen Aufstand, der auch die Männer befreien würde.”

Geldadel stoppen – “Keine Privilegien für ausländische Multimillionäre – JA zur Abschaffung der Pauschalbesteuerung am 30. November!”

Die Gründe für den sinkenden Ölpreis – News Wirtschaft: Unternehmen – “Um den Absturz des Ölpreises ranken sich viele Verschwörungstheorien: Etwa, dass die Saudis die USA aus dem Markt verdrängen wollten. Wer tatsächlich für den Preisrückgang verantwortlich ist”

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