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Peter Sunde: The Pirate Bay Should Stay Down – “The site was ugly, full of bugs, old code and old designs. It never changed except for one thing – the ads. More and more ads were filling the site, and somehow when it felt unimaginable to make these ads more distasteful, they somehow ended up even worse.”

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EASTERN PHILOSOPHY – The Buddha – Animated video explaining the teachings of the Buddha. Also available: Lao Tzu and Rikyu.

Wu-Tang Clan – A Better Tomorrow – “This visual was created by Wu-Tang Clan in the hopes of inspiring change and promoting unity throughout the world.”


Infographics – using benign day to day objects.

An interview with David Shrigley about his brilliant, enormous new book – “I’m not very good at drawing, you see.”

The Pessimism, Despair and Hypocrisy of Berlin’s Street Art – “having learned that a new house would be built at that spot with a panning view on the paintings (that would be preserved on the wall), the artists decided to paint them all black, so that nobody can take advantage of the original work… A “fuck you” gesture towards the city, towards the real estate company, but most of all – to all the people who love this artwork and everything that it’s come to represent.”

Of Suicide – “Questions of intent can’t get to the real roots of suicidal experience. Some suicides are akin to manslaughter. I don’t mean that they are criminal. I mean simply that some suicide belongs in that liminal category between the accidental and the intentional.”

I Can’t Be Forgiven for Abu Ghraib – “I was an interrogator at Abu Ghraib. I tortured.”

How the CIA tortured its detainees – “Majid Khan […] was also subjected to rectal feeding. According to a CIA cable released in the report, his “‘lunch tray’ consisting of hummus, pasta with sauce, nuts and raisins was ‘pureed and rectally infused’.”

touched two – “Bringing some of the planet’s best Electronic & Ambient artists together for one great cause – Macmillan Cancer Support.”

pieceoplastic’s Year in Jam – 2014 Edition

Serial: the key locations in the murder mystery podcast – Photos of some of the key locations make it look oh so banal.

In Baltimore, Serial’s murder mystery is not just a whodunnit – it’s real life – “Serial has drawn is in part down to its murder-mystery structure – but sometimes, in people’s excitement over the story, he thinks the audience forgets that there are real people at the heart of it.”

Declaration of the Independence of Cyberspace – Read by John Perry Barlow. On vinyl.

Serial: The Syed family on their pain and the ‘five million detectives trying to work out if Adnan is a psychopath’ – “The podcast exploring the case of Adnan Syed, who was convicted of the 1999 murder of his ex-girlfriend Hae Min Lee, has become a global phenomenon. In an exclusive interview, Adnan’s family talk to Jon Ronson about listening to Serial, toxic Reddit threads and how his imprisonment has destroyed their lives”

A Decade of Subversion DVD – “A collection of some of our best films from 2004 to 2014 on DVD Comes with 16 page full color booklet and a sticker and a Disobey sticker. Includes subtitles in Spanish, French, Portuguese, German, Czech, Polish, Japanese, Danish, Romanian and Turkish.”

Tim Howard: Growing up with Tourette syndrome and my love of football – “In an extract from his autobiography, The Keeper, Everton’s Tim Howard explains how OCD and Tourette syndrome affected his childhood but how they also brought unique skills to his game”

Release of Six Detainees After Twelve Years Highlights the Historic Evil of Guantánamo – “there are – six years after Obama was elected on a pledge to close the camp – still 136 detainees there, with 67 of them cleared for release”

Piracy ≠ Theft? Movie Industry Workers Speak Out – “To me, it’s about building a long-term relationship with your audience. It’s about building a trust with your audience. And it’s about putting them in a position of feeling like they’re supporting you, as an artist, directly.”

Artist Interview: Ludo – “Maybe it’s because I studied technical drawing, perspectives and straight lines. I started to go on the other border of organic and round shapes. Then, it became a pathological obsession to create some kind of new species.”


COMING OF RAGE Folge 1: Çarşı – Die Retter der Revolution? – “Bei den Gezi Protesten 2013 waren sie ganz vorne mit dabei: Die Fußball-Ultras von Çarşı. Sie haben sich gegen die Polizei gestellt, gegen die Bebauung des Gezi-Parks angesungen und gegen den Präsidenten Recep Tayyip Erdoğan demonstriert.”

Kate Darling: Eine Baslerin erforscht am Robo-Saurier Pleo, Empathie und Ethik im Umgang mit Robotern |  TagesWoche  – “Roboter sind längst Realität, und wir sollten uns besser mit ihnen beschäftigen, sonst kann es gefährlich werden. Für Roboter-Ethikerin Kate Darling ist jedoch nicht die Maschine das Problem, sondern der Mensch.”

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