my life as an online junkie

hi, my name is pieceoplastic and i am on online junkie.
they say the first step is to admit that you are powerless over your addiction… well what do you know… i am in a beautiful house in the mountains, the weather is ace, its quiet here, i have tons of space.
yet me, i am jonseing because i am offline, and i am actually not even really offline. just on bloodsucking dial-up, its slow, it costs a shitload of mullah, it sux. thats all.
but i am wondering what i might miss? if all my online buddies will forget me? [misteralfie did already greet me: hi dial up boy] and if this blog will finally fall completely asleep. not even a pingcloud anymore…
in other news: our neighbor here has donkeys and i dont like them much… they scream like they’re about to have a baby about every 2 minutes or so. did they feel my dislike for them?
because it was real spoooky when i got here, one donkey totally did civil disobedience on me. i had parked the car and gone inside the house, and when i came back out [bam] the donkey is right in front of the door, blocking my way, staring at me very intelligently, no go… i shush. he does not move. he just stares, saying: “hi, i am soooo smart”. i wait. he stares some more. finally i shush very loudly and he gallops away. damn…

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