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On Nerd Entitlement – “White male nerds need to recognise that other people had traumatic upbringings, too – and that’s different from structural oppression.”

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Novalia PrintedMIDI for DJ QBert’s Album cover – “QBert’s Kickstarter funded Extraterrestria album features a set of working Bluetooth MIDI decks and controls that connect to iOs and OSx.”

Charlie Brooker’s 2014 Wipe [Review of the year 2014 News, funny, bizzare , movies,viral] – As always Charlie delivers the only year review worth watching.

Toddler tries teaching dog to Hula Hoop – I always love to see these videos of kids, where you can hear formulations by their parents in the way they talk.

Wir Lieben Überwachung – “Doch wie kommt es dass nach Bekanntwerden nichts passiert? Ganz einfach, wir lieben Überwachung!”


NASA Scientist Identified as Voice From Burial’s Rival Dealer – “Melissa Dawson Higgins: “It was certainly not an unpleasant discovery, but more a perplexing discovery.””

Johnny Rotten: “You find the truth by ridiculing yourself” – “In humour I find a great sense of truth,” he says, apropos of nothing. “You find the truth by ridiculing yourself and others. The Irish side of our family were always very strong on that – you laugh at funerals and you cry at weddings.”

Over 80 Percent of Dark-Web Visits Relate to Pedophilia, Study Finds – “The mysterious corner of the Internet known as the Dark Web is designed to defy all attempts to identify its inhabitants. But one group of researchers has attempted to shed new light on what those users are doing under the cover of anonymity. Their findings indicate that an overwhelming majority of their traffic is driven by the Dark Web’s darkest activity: the sexual abuse of children.”

Tor: 80 percent of ??? percent of 1-2 percent abusive. – “Tor hidden service traffic, which Dr. Gareth Owen discussed in his talk this afternooon, is only 1.5% of all Tor traffic. Tor gets about 2 million users per day total.”

Food Favourites of 2014 – DJ Food 2014 list, full of gems, as usual

@farageblocked – “@farageblocked is a simple conceit – find pictures of Farage, algorithmically locate his face, and obscure it from view.”

Exclusive: Jay, Key Witness from ‘@Serial’ Tells His Story for First Time – How could Serial even proceed with their reporting without this interview?

To Our Friends by The Invisible Committee – “To Our Friends is a report on the state of the world and of the movement, a piece of writing that’s essentially strategic and openly partisan. Its political ambition is immodest: to produce a shared understanding of the epoch, in spite of the extreme confusion of the present.” To be published April 2015

Paul Cudenec: The living force of insurrection – An excellent preview of ‘To our friends’ by The Invisible Committee. To be published in 2015

Inside the NSA’s War on Internet Security” – “US and British intelligence agencies undertake every effort imaginable to crack all types of encrypted Internet communication. The cloud, it seems, is full of holes. The good news: New Snowden documents show that some forms of encryption still cause problems for the NSA.”

Obama’s Lists: A Dubious History of Targeted Killings in Afghanistan – “Combat operations in Afghanistan may be coming to an end, but a look at secret NATO documents reveals that the US and the UK were far less scrupulous in choosing targets for killing than previously believed. Drug dealers were also on the lists.”

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