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THIS IS NORMAL – A Short Film – “THIS IS NORMAL is about a young Deaf woman named Gwen who undergoes an experimental medical procedure that is supposed to ‘cure’ her of her deafness and give her the ability to hear.”

The Fallout – Chernobyl as seen from a drone.

Adam Curtis: Bitter Lake – Start up your vpn and watch this.

AUS OPEN 2015 – Djokovic v Abrams Semi-Final “that’s just not sportsmanship”

Dog sing You raise me up (long version) bulldog – Watch his lips.

Babies going through tunnels – Babies going through tunnels beats Comedians in Cars getting Coffee.

Musicless Musicvideo / BEASTIE BOYS – Fight For Your Right (To Party) – “created for parody purposes”


Countries Most Likely To Survive Climate Change – And who would have guessed … the top 7 countries are in Africa.

How big is Mitt Romney’s California house? Here, compare it to yours. – “OK. Humiliate me” reads the button, but we actually like it small…

As Heiwid saw the world | Büro Destruct – “Our friend and partner Heiwid left us in summer 2012 † RIP. During business and holiday trips he always loved to take loads of pictures. 16 sets of postcard series now offer a view into the his unpublished work of personal and humorous sights from around the world.”

How to Leak to The Intercept – “Our website has been protected with HTTPS encryption from the beginning. All of our journalists publish their PGP keys on their staff profiles so that readers can send them encrypted email. And we’ve been running a SecureDrop server, an open source whistleblower submission system, to make it simpler and more secure for anonymous sources to get in touch with us.”

Pirate Bay Won’t Make A Full Comeback, Staff Revolt – “According to insiders The Pirate Bay will slim down its operations for the planned comeback. The new version of the site is expected to operate without former admins and moderators, who have responded furiously to the decision. Many key staffers have left the ship to launch their own TPB.”

A German Man Won a Legal Battle over His Right to Pee Standing Up – Victory! No, uhm, sorry. Really?

The Likely Cause of Addiction Has Been Discovered, and It Is Not What You Think – “the opposite of addiction is not sobriety. It is human connection.”


Sticker gegen Rechts 2015 – “Der Wettbewerb startet am 27.01.2015 und lädt alle zum Mitmachen ein. Die Teilnahme ist kostenlos und jeder Teilnehmer oder Supporter bekommt anschließend die Gewinnersticker gratis zugesandt. Bis zum 24.02.2015 können die Motive hochgeladen und bewertet werden”

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