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Exclusive Interview with ‘Charlie Hebdo’ Cartoonist Luz – “VICE News meets Luz, the surviving Charlie Hebdo cartoonist behind the magazine’s controversial Prophet Muhammad covers. Speaking with us in his sniper-proof Paris apartment, Luz describes the scene he witnessed after gunmen attacked the magazine’s offices, explains the ideas behind the magazine’s latest cover, and addresses the mixed reactions it has sparked. He also discusses how things can quickly spiral out of control when breaking taboos in the internet age, and offers his surreal sense of becoming an unwitting icon of free expression.” What a great guy, this interview made me cry so hard.

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Hearing Tarantino – “From the delicate intricacies used to display the fastidiousness of a character, to the overzealous noises paying tribute to a genre–here is a quick video I created to showcase the many unique and effective sounds used in the films of Quentin Tarantino.”

BBC Four HD Kraftwerk PopArt – Decent documentary, but curiously absent are the ego battles between Ralf and the rest of the band.



One Year Later, Obama Failing on Promise to Rein in NSA – “President Obama still has time in office to make this right, and he’s got ample power to rein in NSA overreach without Congress lifting a finger. But if he continues to offer these weak reforms, then he should be prepared for a major Congressional battle when sections of the Patriot Act come up for reauthorization in June.”

Episode 088 Divine Styler – “Divine Styler traces his path from NYC park jams to stretching musical boundaries along with Ice-T and House of Pain all the way through his return to rap after a 15-year hiatus.”

Android Dev ‘Punishes’ Pirates at the Behest of Reddit – “A few hours ago Android developer Jack Underwood revealed that his software was being pirated by 85% of users. Now, on the advice of Reddit, the UK-based dev has tweaked the app to provide pirates with some special surprises. Speaking with TF, Underwood says traditional anti-piracy measures are a waste of time.”

An Australian Vegan Restaurant Refused to Exterminate Its Cockroaches Because It Didn’t Want to Kill Animals – Wait until someone tells them that some animals get killed when vegetables are grown.

Is it full moon? – Well, it was. This last week.

Dj Food | 10 Tracks – all killer, no filler.

Quand les « terroristes » avaient de l’humour – “Le Mouvement du 2 juin, contemporain de la Rote Armee Fraktion, se distinguait essentiellement de celle-ci par son humour. N’hésitant pas à apporter des boîtes de chocolat aux vieilles dames témoins de leurs braquages de banques ou à s’échapper d’un tribunal au nez du juge et avec une barbe correctement taillée, ils refusaient absolument la militarisation de la lutte (qu’ils concevaient néanmoins armée).”


Die Wildente – Schauspielhaus Theater Basel – “Auf drei mobilen Stellwänden wurden mittels Illustrationen und Animationen Räume projiziert und Stimmungen evoziert. Dabei wurden die Szenen nicht nur über Beamer-Projektionen, sondern auch über den klassischen Hellraumprojektor ausgeleuchtet.”

L’enfant et les sortilèges – “Ein Kinderzimmer wird lebendig. Die Inszenierung spürt der phantastischen Welt mit einem animierten Bühnenbild nach.”

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