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R.I.P. Daevid Allen Dead

Gong “Occupy” music video – “Here is a music video I made for Gong, a crazy psychedelic band I grew up listening to back in the grey world of the 1980s.” Cyriak

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Our Rising Oceans: VICE on HBO Season 3 (Episode 1) – “Our oceans are rising. With human use of hydrocarbons skyrocketing, waters around the globe are getting hotter and, now, this warm sub-surface water is washing into Antarctica’s massive western glaciers causing the glaciers to retreat and break off. Antarctica holds 90% of the world’s ice and 70% of its freshwater, so if even a small fraction of the ice sheet in Antarctica melts, the resulting sea level rise will completely remap the world as we know it – and it is already happening. In the last decade, some of the most significant glaciers here have tripled their melt rate.”

Kutiman – Thru Tel Aviv – “You can create your own mix on, an interactive music platform for users to remix and share their own versions of Tel-Aviv.”

NO-AD Day – ““NO AD Day” is about controlling the over saturation of our minds and environment by commercial media, so that we might address our consumptive needs in a more meaningful and productive way.”


Who Farts? And Who Cares? – “Sociologists Martin Weinberg and Colin Williams wanted to know. They and their team interviewed 172 college students about their habits and concerns about farting and pooping. They published their results in an article called Fecal Matters.”

Angst Against the Police Playlist – “an angst ridden playlist of anti-cop songs.”

The Twitter Rules – “You may not post intimate photos or videos that were taken or distributed without the subject’s consent.” Finally, twitter takes a stand against revenge porn.

David Lynch decries ‘pathetic’ arts funding cuts – and graffiti – “Graffiti to me has pretty much ruined the world. It’s ruined it for film, when you go to a place to film, everything is graffitied so if you don’t want it, you have to paint it out” yeah sure, not global warming, not capitalism, not wealth inequality, it is graffiti that has ruined the world…

Ayn Rand for… dummies: The 10-minute ‘Atlas Shrugged’ – “Ayn Rand is the Enya of fiction. I don’t wish to tar the new agey Irish songstress with the same brush as the Russian novelist with the toxic philosophy, my point being that if Enya (who sells tens of millions of CDs) is music for people who don’t like music, then Rand wrote books for people who don’t like to read.”

Thomas Piketty Interview About the European Financial Crisis – “It’s time for us to think about the young generation of Europeans. For many of them, it is extremely difficult to find work at all. Should we tell them: “Sorry, but your parents and grandparents are the reason you can’t find a job?” Do we really want a European model of cross-generational collective punishment? It is this egotism motivated by nationalism that disconcerts me more than anything else today.”

Why Do Most of Britain’s Public Transport Racists Seem to Be Women? – “A woman being racist is less expected than from a group of rowdy men. It is unexpected behavior, compared to the norm, which makes it more likely to be filmed.”

iSpy: The CIA Campaign to Steal Apple’s Secrets – “RESEARCHERS WORKING with the Central Intelligence Agency have conducted a multi-year, sustained effort to break the security of Apple’s iPhones and iPads, according to top-secret documents obtained by The Intercept.”

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