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Solar eclipse 20/3-2015 – Timelapse video of Tórshavn – “This timelapse video shows the two minutes of darkness caused by the total solar eclipse in Tórshavn, Faroe Islands on 20/3-2015.”

When you’re bored on a plane – When bored anywhere, really. Make music!

Do You Hear That Bass Mom? – I do I do I do

Varoufakis and the fake finger – “From minister of awesome to minister of flawsome? Yanis Varoufakis, the biggest liar since Bill Clinton? Political punch instead of the new Chuck Norris? Pilloried by german talkshow host Guenther Jauch, but is everything as it seems? Really?”


How to Sell a (Stolen) Banksy: Chris Thompson’s Art World Nightmare – “The documentary How to Sell a Banksy chronicles one man’s journey to move a Banksy artwork he nicked off the streets of London.”

The friendly atheists next door – FSM christmas tree decoration!

The Sick Bag Song by Nick Cave – “The Sick Bag Song chronicles Nick Cave’s 2014 tour of North America with The Bad Seeds. The account of this 22-city journey began life scribbled on airline sick bags and grew into a restless full-length epic, seeking out the roots of inspiration, love and meaning.”

Acid Machine Beta – Aciiiiiiiied!

HTML5 Drum Machine – I gotta have more cow bell. But otherwise awesome.

‘Kant Is a Moron’: Vandals Mark Philosopher’s Former Home Near Kaliningrad – “Russian police say they’re looking for the intellectually minded miscreants who graffitied “Kant is a moron”—along with a flower and heart—on the philosopher’s home outside Kaliningrad. With Arthur Schopenhauer dead for 155 years, however, authorities start off with few strong leads.”

Sans Bullshit Sans: leveraging the synergy of ligature – “When using Sans Bullshit Sans, every buzzword will be replaced by a Comic Sans-styled censorship bar. And the cool part is, we won’t be using CSS or JavaScript for this, but plain ol’ OpenType font technology.”

David Graeber’s Utopia of Rules: Why Deregulation Is Actually Expanding Bureaucracy – “As Graeber promises in the introduction, The Utopia of Rules doesn’t provide the answers to our all-consuming bureaucracy. But it raises crucial questions about the power of bureaucracy that don’t normally get asked. Most crucially, the book lays out how the 1% controls the world using a message of deregulation – even as they feed off the labor of the masses from an ever-growing regulatory system of their making.”

Punk Games – “Everyone who has felt alienated by the games industry, both would-be players and creators, needs to rally together and support one another as we create a space for those of us who don’t fit in traditional spaces.”

Peter Sunde: File Sharing is Politics, Propaganda and Control – “In the beginning of The Pirate Bay’s history the site was in Swedish. It was made by Swedes for their community. Other countries had their own file sharing sites but they got shut down.”

4chan’s Overlord Christopher Poole Reveals Why He Walked Away – “Week after week after week after week, there’s this new controversy,” he recalls. “I kept getting drawn back in.” Though he’d been thinking about leaving the site for at least a year, he’d finally had enough after enduring what he tells me was “probably the most stressful month of my life.” Gamergate was the last straw.


Der Finger ist echt, und Böhmermann ein verdammtes Genie – “1. Die Finger-Debatte kann Deutschland sich in den Arsch stecken 2. Journalismus ist Vertrauenssache 3. Niemand sollte mehr Günther Jauchs Talkshow schauen 4. Verwirrung ist gesund”

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