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Das Buch NUR ist erschienen – “nur ein Planet nur tausend Watt nur miteinander nur 35 m2 nur Füsse, Velo, Bus, Bahn und Schiff nur 80 m nur 18 kg nur 4 Sterne nur 20 Stunden nur mit der Ruhe nur keine Angst”

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Rainworks – Rain-Activated Art – “Peregrine Church creates street art that only shows up when it rains. Hidden when dry, these messages or images appear on sidewalks all over Seattle and are meant to brighten your day, even when it’s gray and rainy!”

Illustrator Guillaume Cornet – “Boiling 75 hours of ink and color down to two minutes, Guillaume Cornet’s latest large-format illustration, Parisian Neighbourhood, was captured in this stop motion time-lapse.”

John Oliver: April Fools’ Day is awful – “April Fools’ Day is awful. Please stand with John Oliver and take the Last Week Tonight No-Prank Pledge.”

The Scythian – Positive Female Characters in Video Games
“This episode examines how Sword & Sworcery employs widely recognizable action adventure game tropes to make the Scythian’s quest feel like the stuff of video game legend, and how in doing so, it asserts that women can fill the role of the mythic hero as effectively as men can.”

Every TV news report on the economy in one – “Charlie Brooker’s Weekly Wipe: Every TV news report on the economy in one, courtesy of generic reporter Emily Surname”


Bugs in Tor network used in attacks against underground markets – “Tor Browser Bundle, TAILS get patched to fix Mozilla, OpenSSL security holes.”

The 5 psychological barriers to climate action – “People have to want to live in a climate-friendly society because they see it as better, not because they get scared or instructed into it.”

Bill Murray On Being Bill Murray – “Recorded at the 2014 Toronto International Film Festival.”

Freshman Year – “Please be aware that this game depicts scenarios that may be distressing to people who have experienced abuse.”

Soccer in the Shadow of FIFA – “What happens in Zurich stays in Zurich.”

Movie Licensing Group Demands $350K From Schools – “Fears that teachers and pupils might breach Spain’s new copyright law if strict guidelines aren’t adhered to have led to some schools being presented with an enormous bill. The worldwide Motion Picture Licensing Corporation is now offering a blanket license to one region in return for a payment of $350,000 a year.” In times of austerity measures everywhere, it seems like the sensible choice to go after schools … Because sadly, this ain’t an April fools joke.

Pirate Bay To Open Its Own .PIRATE Domain Name Registry – “While rightsholders are lobbying hard for strict anti-piracy policies for the domain name industry, The Pirate Bay has hit back with an unprecedented move. The notorious torrent site has applied for its own gTLD, so it can start a .PIRATE domain name registry.” Anyone found a better April fools joke?

De La Soul’s NEW ALBUM – “Welcome 2 making magic. The time has finally come: De La Soul is ready to record a new studio LP.”

We’re treating soil like dirt. It’s a fatal mistake, because all human life depends on it – “War, pestilence, even climate change, are trifles by comparison. Destroy the soil and we all starve”
Call for entries for the 2015 Anarchist Film Festival! – “This year, Insurgent Projections has the pleasure of organizing the very first Anarchist Film Festival in town May 23 and 24, during the Montréal Anarchist Bookfair. This is why we invite everyone to help us make festival succeed by participating.”


Ein Straßendealer aus Amsterdam erzählt von 40 Jahren im Geschäft – “Dennis hat mehr Zeit im Gefängnis verbracht als ich in der Tram, und das Drogengeschäft hat sich im Laufe der letzten 40 Jahre vor seinen Augen drastisch gewandelt.”

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