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Scythe vs Brushcutter – It’s settled. Scythe beats weed whacker by almost a mile. And then there is the noise and gas question.

Metal Alphabet – “My 2 year old daughter getting angry with her alphabet after bathtime.”


Martin Scorsese’s Film School: The 85 Films You Need to See to Know Anything About Film – “Via”

Random Darknet Shopper Released, Ecstasy Destroyed – “Random Darknet Shopper has finally been released and is now back in our possession. All items were kept sealed and untouched except the Ecstasy, which was taken out of its vacuum-sealed packing. It was tested positive for MDMA by the authorities, and then destroyed.”

Out of Soil: How much land is in your food? – “Our soil is under pressure. Growing consumption and demand for resources take a toll on the soil — urbanisation, intensive farming, erosion and land grabbing are only some of the manifold consequences. Soil as matter is as much affected as the lives of people who have farmed for generations. Out of Soil examines these different aspects in a playful action.”

Walter Scott shooting: officer laughs about adrenaline rush in recording – “Michael Slager describes ‘pumping’ feeling in audio recording as he discusses what will happen next with a senior officer”

New law to tackle revenge porn – “People who maliciously share sexually explicit pictures of former partners will face prosecution under new laws.”

War, Auschwitz, and the Tragic Tale of Germany’s Jewish Soccer Hero – “Fuchs and Hirsch were, respectively, the first and second Jewish players to ever represent the German national team. There have never been any others. Fuchs would escape the Holocaust. Hirsch would not. For years after his death, it was almost like he never existed at all.”

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