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Speechless Speech / WLADIMIR PUTIN – This will leave you, not speechless, but highly amused.


Game of Thrones Map Westeros Google Maps Style – “If the world of Westeros was on Google Maps. High resolution with lots of details with almost every little town, castle and stronghold marked as well as mountains, forests and roads.”

Video game execution watched by 325,000 players – “A character in the fantasy adventure game Guild Wars 2 was stripped and thrown to his death after using a third party tool to access valuable properties”

An Interview with the Publisher of a Magazine Printed Using HIV-Positive Blood – “An Austrian gay mag called Vangardist made headlines around the world this week for using the blood of three HIV-positive people to print its new issue. The sterilized blood carrying the virus was used on 3,000 of 18,000 copies, and was intended to address the stigmatization many people living with HIV deal with on a daily basis.”

Europe Will Abolish Geo-Blocking and Other Copyright Restrictions – “The European Commission adopted a new Digital Single Market Strategy today, which aims to improve consumer access to digital services and goods. Among other things, Europe vows to end geo-blocking and lift other unwarranted copyright restrictions.”

Giant Edward Snowden Head 3D File to Print Your Own – “In continuing the artists’ mission to increase awareness about Edward Snowden, they asked us to release a file, so anyone can 3D print their own statue. +++You can download the model HERE!+++”

Explicit post licensing – Medium offers CC license – “Today, in conjunction with Creative Commons, we’re happy to announce support for explicit post licensing on Medium.”

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