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SQUAREPUSHER / Damogen Furies – Squarepusher video animated by Joshua Davis


Edward Snowden At Fort Greene Park by James – And another 3D model of the Edward Snowden bust.

PIZZA PAVILION – “a list of international artists were invited to create their very personal pizza-topping ideas that will be realized by the pizzaiolos and served on site.”

Earth Endangered by New Strain of Fact-Resistant Humans – If it wasn’t so shocking and sad, it would actually be funny.

Woman fired after disabling work app that tracked her movements 24/7 – That’s some next level bullshit.

Listen to Wikipedia – It sounds good

Roger Perry ‘The Writing On The Wall’ reissue – Can’t wait for my copy to arrive. [It has arrived!]

Obama Administration Approves Shell’s Plan to Drill in the Arctic – “The Obama administration gave conditional approval today to Shell to start drilling for oil and gas in the Arctic Ocean this summer. Shell has been fighting for the right to drill in the Arctic for years, despite a number of botched forays in recent years, and it looks like they are still going to get their way.”

Playing Politics: JJ Charlesworth on Why Art World Hypocrisy Stars at the 56th Venice Biennale – “What the Biennale doesn’t want to investigate is the mystery of its own creation. Why should it? Who really needs this vast moot for an increasingly homogenous and international style of slightly-political, issues-based art? Not the visiting public, for sure–we’ll look at anything, but we’re not the ones making it happen. No, who really needs it is the new global class of cultural entrepreneurs for which art has become a truly international opportunity, as the emerging economic regions seek to assert themselves on the world stage through the vehicle of the new global art culture.”


Koitus für die Revolution – “Die Künstlergruppe Wojna hat Wladimir Putin den Krieg der Bilder erklärt und wird deswegen in Russland verfolgt. Mitbegründerin Natalia Sokol ist nun in die Schweiz geflohen.”

Homophobie hinter Gittern: Häftlinge vertreiben homosexuellen Gefängniskoch – “Sie sitzen hinter Gittern und lehnen das Essen aus der Küche ab. Weil der Koch schwul ist, versorgten sich die siebzig Häftlinge lieber anders. Bei der Mehrheit der Boykotteure soll es sich um Russlanddeutsche handeln.”

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