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Big Mouth Strikes Again – “Nerd culture is the product of a late capitalist conspiracy, designed to infantilize the consumer as a means of non-aggressive control.” We like you, big mouth!

#watch and

Forget | Pogo – Watch this fast, I can practically smell a Disney lawsuit incoming.

Pablow the blowfish – Miley Cyrus – “Miley Cyrus sang a touching tribute to her late blowfish, Pablow” and she is dressed as an unicorn!

Redrawing Taylor Swift – Shake it Off Rotoscoped – “9 University of Newcastle animation students were each given 52 frames of Taylor Swift’s Shake it Off video, and together they produced 2767 frames of lovingly hand-drawn rotoscoped animation footage.”

【希望のミツバチ】働きバチの誕生 – time-lapse bee birth.

Idiot takes 16 yrs of daily self-portraits despite better, longer, more popular projects, his face –

Secrets, Politics and Torture – CIA torture yadda yadda yadda, but well put together and it shows how ineffective the american system is. 13 years later they are still arguing, if it even was torture or not. Since clearly it was, and the Bush legacy is “the president who tortured”.

pink dildo vs police – “There are dildos and dildon’ts.”


Who needs poppies? Ordinary yeast can now produce opioids – “All the enzymes now in place to turn bread makers into mini drug factories.”

Everything Sounds the Same When You’re Depressed – “We have found when you are depressed, you are more distractible and that prevents you from focusing or listening in on speech.”

Rationalizing meat consumption. The 4Ns – “4N justifications of meat consumption: Necessary, Natural, Normal, Nice.”

Gamergate Death Threat Is a Slam Dunk for Prosecutors. Will They Act? – “I have identifying information about this person, and sent them to the FBI almost 9 months ago. Right next to them sits 5 other cases, meticulously documented for law enforcement. Terrifyingly, nothing has been done.”

Flickr faces complaints over ‘offensive’ auto-tagging for photos – “Auto-tagging system slaps ‘animal’ and ‘ape’ labels on images of black people, and tags concentration camps with ‘jungle gym’ and ‘sport’”

FBI Invokes National Security to Justify Surveillance of Tar Sands Protestors – “The FBI has monitored members of Tar Sands Blockade, an organization trying to stop the Keystone XL Pipeline because its members believe it would mean “game over” due to climate change. Part of the FBI’s justification was that the “Keystone pipeline, as part of the oil and natural gas industry, is vital to the security and economy of the United States.””

smart floating farm concept ponders agriculture in a world of 9.1 billion – “given current trends, it’s estimated the world’s population will reach 9.1 billion by 2050, which will in turn rise food demand by up to 70%. the planet’s nations are already facing extreme challenges in the business and practicalities of feeding their peoples, made worse by an increasingly agitated, erratic global climate. society’s dependence on fossil fuel technologies, paired with a universally homogenized palate will inevitably be our downfall.”

Key Pirate Bay Domains Must Be Seized, Court Rules – “In a decision handed down minutes ago the Stockholm District Court has ordered two key domains owned by The Pirate Bay to be seized. While the ruling means that the site will lose its famous domain, don’t expect the site to simply disappear. TPB informs TorrentFreak that they have plenty more domains left in store.”

New Colour: Coldcut’s Journeys By DJ – 70 Minutes of Madness – “Joe Clay speaks to the members of Coldcut to discuss their landmark DJ mix album 70 Minutes Of Madness… or, as Jon More has it “It’s a drunken man’s stagger home”. Coming tomorrow – The Quietus’ writers on their favourite DJ mix LPs.”

Luz : «Je ne serai plus Charlie Hebdo mais je serai toujours Charlie» – “Dans une interview à Libération, le dessinateur confirme son départ de l’hebdomadaire en septembre et revient sur les mois qui ont suivi l’attentat.”

Who is behind organic brands – “Consumers may not know that these 92 organic food brands are owned by some of the nation’s largest food processors.”

FBI: researcher admitted to hacking plane in-flight, causing it to “climb” – “connected to other systems on the airplane network after he exploited/gained access to, or “hacked” the [in-flight entertainment] system. He stated that he then overwrote code on the airplane’s Thrust Management Computer while aboard a flight. He stated that he successfully commanded the system he had accessed to issue the climb command.”

My Garbage Cat Wakes Me Up At 3AM Every Day by Will Herring – “You play as my garbage cat, who wakes me up at 3AM literally every morning. Knock everything over until your owner wakes up.”


Jagd aufs Matterhorn – “The NZZ is telling the story of one of the greatest adventures in the history of Switzerland: the first ascent of the Matterhorn.”

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