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JUST DO IT!!! ft. Shia LaBeouf songifyed – “Shia LaBeouf delivers the most inspiring inspirational anthem in the history of anthems, which includes the band U2, even.”

martullo blocher feat. biggie – it was all a dreamer, du! – “the eastcoast version by martullo blocher”


Accelerationism – “…because this is liberating, because it causes a revolution, or because destruction is the only logical answer.”

Anarchists United – “Lately, I’ve been thinking about how the diverse anarchist strategies could combine against our current class society. How every variation on the theme of “assert your freedom now,” from the anarcho-syndicalist direct action to Sam Konkin’s agorism, could combine in order to make the existing order ever less interesting and more impracticable. How we might eliminate political, economic and social privileges, while also promoting mutual aid among human beings.”

Monsanto GMOs Defeated by Oregon Organic Farmers as Federal Judge Upholds Seed Ban – “A coalition of Oregon organic farmers has beaten Monsanto—the corporate agriculture giant—in a landmark federal lawsuit that will make national waves by the way that their rural county banned the use of genetically modified seeds.”

SoundCloud Reaches Royalty Deal With 20,000 Record Labels – “SoundCloud announced that it had struck a deal covering some 20,000 independent record labels through Merlin, an organization that represents small companies in digital negotiations. The deal covers some of the biggest and most influential independents, like Beggars Group (home to Vampire Weekend and FKA Twigs), Secretly Group (Bon Iver) and the electronic label Warp.”

How Well Can You Hear Audio Quality? – “Can you hear the difference? Take this quiz to find out. One hint: Turn your volume up.”

Big Wide World – A wonderful resource of panoramic photos, mostly from Switzerland, by habi and Mark Howells-Mead.

Shell sought to influence direction of Science Museum climate programme – “Oil giant raised concerns one part of the project, which it sponsored, could give NGOs opportunity to open up debate on its operations, internal emails show”

Swiss cheese hole mystery solved: It’s all down to dirt – Holy shit


Sechs Jahre mit Anonymous – “Die Anthropologin Gabriella Coleman hat sechs Jahre mit Anonymous verbracht.” Interview.

Blatters letzte Tage auf dem Piratenschiff – “Über Jahrzehnte erschuf er ein System der Käuflichkeit. Und doch leugnete er die Korruption in seiner Fifa-Familie bis zuletzt. Nun verlässt Joseph Blatter den Weltfussballverband durch die Hintertür.”

Sex im Wald macht gesund, sagt ein Biologe – Rudelbumsen für den Wald im Wald, anyone?

Die Geschichte des Monte Verità: Naturmenschen, Vegetarier, Sonderlinge – “Nackte Menschen mit langen Bärten bei der Gartenarbeit auf dem Monte Verità und leichtbekleidete Tänzerinnen: Um 1900 sorgen diese Bilder in der Schweiz für Irritation. Ein Blick zurück.”

Bio-Papst Miguel Altieri im Interview: «Die Grüne Revolution war ein totaler Misserfolg» – “Kleinbauern aber wurden von ihrem Land vertrieben, lokale Pflanzenvarietäten verschwanden, und Dünger und Pestizide belasteten die Umwelt. Betrachtet man die ökologischen und sozialen Folgen, muss man sagen, dass die Grüne Revolution ein totaler Misserfolg war.”

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