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The end of capitalism has begun – “And we need to get on with it.”

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How One Tweet Can Ruin Your Life | Jon Ronson – “For the longest time Jon Ronson reveled in the fact that Twitter gave a voice to the voiceless … the social media platform gave us all a chance to speak up and hit back at perceived injustice. But somewhere along the way, things took a turn.”

The Party – “A new film that follows the course of the Black Panther Party for Self Defense. With footage from Richmond, Oakland, and San Francisco, the film is a Bay Area-centric look at the work of the Party. The film has no narration and is composed of archival footage from a variety of sources. Please share widely.”

The Yes Men’s solution to California’s drought: if you eat beef, don’t wash – “Would you stop showering if it meant that was the only way you could keep eating beef?”

Why Are You So Angry? Part 1: A Short History of Anita Sarkeesian – Angry dude explaining why white dudes might be so angry on THE INTERNET.


Johann Hari: Everything You Think You Know About Addiction Is Wrong – “For 100 years now, we’ve been singing war songs about addicts. I think all along we should have been singing love songs to them, because the opposite of addiction is not sobriety. The opposite of addiction is connection.”

Author Douglas Coupland on Greece, Utopias, and the Curse of Leisure – I read this and was left confused, thought it was filled with horrendous stereotypes and cliches, but also found some interesting thoughts on the way the middle class shifts and on our utopian models. Make up your own mind, should Douglas Coupland stick to writing novels or not?

The Web We Have to Save – “The rich, diverse, free web that I loved — and spent years in an Iranian jail for — is dying. Why is nobody stopping it? By Hossein Derakhshan

How to Pick Your First Programming Language – “We’ve looked at the data for the top ten programming languages […] to help you pick the best language to start with based on your priorities in lifestyle, location, and career potential.” Hurrah, it’s python I should learn.

The Chinese Government Finally Gave Ai Weiwei His Passport Back – “The news broke this morning when Weiwei posted a photo to Instagram with the caption, “Today I got the passport.””

Made with Creative Commons: A book on open business models by Creative Commons – “Let’s write a book that shows the world how sharing can be good for business.”

Descent – “This disease [depression] wraps me in gauze. It’s like a layer between me and reality, that makes everything fuzzy and distant. Sometimes I’m sad, but often I just feel like I’m on the verge of throwing up all the time. Sometimes I feel like I’m not real, or dead already.”

Hacking Team goes to war against former employees, suspects some helped hackers – “As surveillance startup’s sales grew, so did internal strife at Hacking Team.”

The Wire cast reunites to give voice to stories of Baltimore’s riots – “Organizer Sonja Sohn says stage reading of monologues written by city residents aims ‘to give a platform to these folks who felt they were not being heard’”


Verdichtung: Wieso Schrebergärten wichtig sind – “Wenn in den Agglomerationen verdichtet wird, müssen Schrebergärten jeweils als Erstes weichen. Dabei erfüllen sie vielfältige Aufgaben für die Gesellschaft.”

Urban Gardening – Swiss public TV station SRF produced a series of documentaries on the topic urban agriculture, cynically sponsored with product placements by Hauert, a fertilizer company.

Wir sind schuld: Der menschliche Einfluss auf den Planeten in einer einzigen Infografik – We humans are to blame for the planet going into extinction mode soon.

Die Binz ist wieder besetzt – trotz Tränengas und Gummischrot – “für eine Welt, in der Solidarität mehr zählt als Selbstbereicherung.”

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