garden dwarves liberation

this is soooo cool!
after seeing my potatoshop from yesterday a friend just told me about this activist group in bretagne/france called the mouvement d’ emancipation des nain de jardins –> M.E.N.J.
they steal garden dwarves from suburban gardens and liberate them in the forests… thus setting them free!
now this is my kind of political mouvement!
they even have a tshirt – i just ordered…

correction: apparently there has been a misunderstanding %#@&*, excuse my french… thanx to klav, see comments to this post, the M.E.N.J. does not steal garden dwarves and set them free in the forest. this practice is even condemned by the M.E.N.J.
this is done by the F.L.N.J. = Front de Libration des Nains de Jardins with their official website here.
how exactly the M.E.N.J. plans to emancipate the garden dwarves is somewhat fishy at this point, we are still investigating the matter.
thanx so much klav!!!!

plus: nains voodoo & nain en beton
[via klav…. again!!!]

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