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Murray Bookchin and the Kurdish Resistance – “Global capital, precisely because of its very hugeness, can only be eaten away at its roots, specifically by means of a libertarian municipalist resistance at the base of society. It must be eroded by the myriad millions who, mobilized by a grassroots movement, challenge global capital’s sovereignty over their lives and try to develop local and regional economic alternatives to its industrial operations.”

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The Teletubbies perform “I Fink U Freeky” by Die Antwoord – “We can have a nice time kids…”

Miau – Ludovico y los Acéfalos [NSFW] – Sex-positive, Spanish Hip Hop video. NSFW.

Eagle takes down Drone – Well done, eagle.

Jane Weaver – Mission Desire – “featuring French cartoon Marie Mathematique” [via dj food]


25,000 Indian Farmers Are Threatening to Kill Themselves Today – “Farmers in India are demanding compensation from their government for ruining their farmland — and they are putting their lives on the line. Twenty-five thousand farmers signed a petition to India’s President Pranab Mukherjee saying they will hang themselves on India’s Independence Day — Saturday, August 15 — if the government does not meet their demands”

Coldcut bring their Ninja Jamm music making app to Android – “Tune-crafting and remixing tool is available for free”

Greece is about to be completely dismantled and fed to profit-hungry corporations – “The intensity of the restructuring programme currently being agreed for Greece should dispel any lingering notion that this is a well intentioned but misguided attempt to deal with a debt crisis. It is a cynical attempt to set up a corporate paradise in the Mediterranean, and must be resisted at all costs.”

Lena Dunham doubles down on her dangerous opinions about sex work – “The Lena Dunhams of the world can’t let their subjective feelings about sex work cause them to throw their weight around in a way that will hurt people with less money and power than them. If you care about sex workers as much as you claim to— the ones who choose it as their profession, the underage kids doing survival sex work, and the victims of trafficking — you must support the decriminalization of sex work, full stop.”

Jam Preserves – This Is My Jam calls it quits in style – “After nearly a year assessing many options, we’ve decided to stop operating This Is My Jam in its current form. Read on to learn about why the two of us have made this decision, but first: 1. Your jams are not going away”

ML: Macaulay Library – “The Macaulay Library is the world’s largest archive of animal sounds. The archive includes more than 175,000 audio recordings covering 75 percent of the world’s bird species, with an ever increasing numbers of insect, fish, frog, and mammal recordings as well. The more recently established video archive includes over 50,000 clips representing over 3,500 species.”


«Ich bin nicht stark. Ich bin wütend» – “So viele Menschen engagieren sich auf der linken Seite. Aber sie messen der Selbstsorge zu wenig Bedeutung zu und kümmern sich nicht umeinander. Überleben ist der erste Schritt, und ja, das haben viele Linke vergessen.”

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