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Dismaland: inside Banksy’s dystopian playground – “Clandestine street artist Banksy opens a theme park like no other. Inside a derelict lido in Weston-super-Mare, Dismaland features migrant boats, a dead princess and Banksy’s trademark dark humour.”

Anita Sarkeesian – Hate and heroism – “Anita came back for a keynote presentation about the bigger picture and why baby steps isn’t enough to achieve goals we believe are fundamental for society. This is it.”

The Chemical Brothers – Sometimes I Feel So Deserted – What a story.


Fred Armisen & The Art Of Comedic Reality – “my whole goal was to just fool people. I wasn’t even sure if it was about it even being comedy. I just wanted to do something convincing. There’s something that I like about that, where you wonder if it’s real.”

Rio’s Olympic preparations under the spotlight – “In the run-up to the Rio Olympics people have been forced from their homes and killed in the streets, while the environment has been permanently damaged.”

DIRTY KIDS – Alice Stein – Documentary about homeless kids and teens crashing a rainbow gathering.

The Creative Apocalypse That Wasn’t – “In the digital economy, it was supposed to be impossible to make money by making art. Instead, creative careers are thriving — but in complicated and unexpected ways.”

Comic writer gets stuck in a hole and Twitter saves him, point-and-click adventure style – “If I climbed into this in the rain to get this picture and now couldn’t get out, what should I do? Hypothetically”

One nation under CCTV: the future of automated surveillance – “Despite the Snowden revelations about GCHQ and the NSA, the UK is yet to engage in a debate about the near six million CCTV cameras that watch our every move. Robinson warns technological advances in video analysis could “fundamentally alter the relationship between individual and state and have a chilling effect on freedom of speech and assembly.”

Sounds that annoy people in noisy professions – “We spoke with five professionals in and around NYC who work with an annoying amount of noise to find out how they cope and other sounds that grind their gears”

Trump Generator – “GENERATE PERSONALIZED INSULTING TWEETS Have Donald Trump insult your friends!”


Eine Zeltstadt als Hacker-Utopie: Eine Fototour im Chaos Communication Camp 2015 – “Der selbstverlegte 10 Gigabit-Uplink mit kilometerlangem Glasfaserkabel mitten im brandenburgerischen Nichts und die fast 1.500 freiwilligen „Engel“, die die Zeltstadt am Laufen halten, bieten neben einem kleinen Badesee und ein paar Ferkeln einen Komfort, der eben auch an Ferien auf dem Land erinnert und viele Familien mit Kindern anlockt.”

Divisionär Bölsterli lässt die Revolte üben – “Das Szenario einer für Mitte September geplanten Armeeübung mit 5000 SoldatInnen in der Region Basel zeigt: Aus dem «äusseren Feind» ist ein innerer geworden. Im Visier der Armee stehen heute mögliche Aufstände und das Abwehren von Flüchtlingen. In Basel formiert sich Widerstand.”

Trinity – Visualization of nuclear detonations from 1945 to present. – “Atmospheric: red Underground: yellow Underwater: blue”

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