god and i

i was glad to find out that david holmes [dj & producer] and i have at least two things in common, when i read in the guardian, that his wish for the new year is to stop playing grand theft auto on the playstation2.
apparently he [like myself] recently bought a ps2 and has been [like myself] addicted to playing grand theft auto ever since. he [unlike myself] feels highly guilty about this, says the game is so wrong and morally questionable, so he [unlike myself] wants to try and stop playing it…
so david, if you read this [errr not likely, i know i know…], stop feeling guilty and enjoy the fiction of being a mean ass gangster in the 80’s in miami. it’s like acting in a movie and it’s alright!

and what does this have to do with god, you may rightfully ask.
well, you might know the joke: what’s the difference between god and david holmes?
god does not walk around belfast thinking he is david holmes.

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