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arrow buy nothing day is coming up
2 weeks to go… 28. november 2003
all the info is here:

lil_dawg says: buy nothing on nov. 28.! or else christina will shove her middlefinger up yer arse…
[hmmmm… we wonder how effective that argumentation is…]

arrow awwww kittens rrrrahhhh vent
click through the awwwest kittens in this random image website… [you never get the same sequence twice!!! aaaawwwwwwwwww]
or vent yer emotions [click read more! bellow to read an actual vent!] ?
the good people at are certainly helping us to deal with out emotions!!!!
[via webzen, that this week also contains links to websites, that ll help you figure out your reggae name (I’n’I is Bounty Kongo, blooodclaat) or to turn yourself into a barcode. very handy stuff!]

arrow 50 things you’re not supposed to know
the guys [and gals?] at have published a book containing information, that is being withheld from us. this is walking the fringe of weird conspiracy theory stuff, but its quite interesting.
50 things you’re not supposed to know – the first genetically modified humans have already been born – hitler’s relatives are living in the US – the US planned to explode an atomic bomb on the moon – and 47 more

arrow xploding plastix
my new favorite band… they have a wooooo name even. yahhh. and the music is nicely ..errrrrr.. chopped up!
uhm… i am on dial-up remember!!!

arrow more exploding plastic
and finally, speaking of exploding plastics, did u read that so far 40 nokia mobile phones have exploded worldwide…
it’s not that much, but still makes you pick up the mobile a bit gingerly, does it not???
i mean, exploded!
the company claims this is related to using non-original batteries. and of course they would…
oh and sony-ericson users can stop snickering now, thank you

vent: “i am the uggliest person alive. i am so ugly. just make me pretty. please, im begging you. have pity. i dont believe in god, but if there is some force out there listing or watching me type this right now, please, please just have pity on me and make me really pretty. not stuck up, just really pretty. thanks, if you are out there and you will grant me this wish. please, make me pretty sooon. before i go to school in a month or so. please, if your there, please make me pretty”

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