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Bear suffers severe back scratch debacle – Bear. Go home, you are drunk ;p

SIDO – Gürtel am Arm – Trigger alarm for drug users: “Kevin trägt ‘n Gürtel am Arm, er ziehlt, drückt ab und dann wird es schön warm.”


Experience: I got stuck hanging naked from a tree – “I watched it again with my friends and, seeing how their initial laughter gave way to groans of dismay, I realised I’d inadvertently created something powerful. My instinct was borne out when the film was selected, unchanged, for a nationwide touring art exhibition.”

SAMIZDATA: Evidence of Conspiracy. Talking secrets and pandas with Jacob Appelbaum – “Do you think we should all assume that we are under surveillance? No, i think we should all live with the assumption that we have the right to resist. It is our duty, in fact. We don’t have to live with the assumption that we are under surveillance. And in fact, when we do it then that tells us that we should take action.”

Europe shouldn’t worry about migrants. It should worry about creeping fascism – “The greatest threat to our “way of life” is not migration. It is that we will swallow the lie that some human lives matter less than others.”

My Plan, and Why You Don’t Want it – “Lessig believes we are approaching a point of democratic failure; I believe we’ve past it. As such, I’ve given up voting; turned to studying systems of mutual care and how massive lateral society can work. I believe we need to dismantle nations or wait for them to die on their own.”

MAJA – “‘maja’ features an integrated infrared-scanner that is able to locate the mite on bees as they pass through a canal into or out of the unit. data is stored and simultaneously uploaded into the cloud, which can be accessed at any point in time by the hive’s owner via app. such a detail requires energy — luckily, the hanging home is filled to the brim with tiny generators. using piezo-electricity, aka usable energy produced by sound waves that occur from wing-beating and the bee ‘waggle dance’, ‘maja’ is capable of functioning 100% off-grid.”

FUCK CAPITALISM JAM – “this jam is for people who don’t want to stop their life & abuse their body in order to churn out mediocre work for someone else’s benefit/profit”

Run with Scissors – “Mild Cartoon Violence Animated Bloodshed Simulated Gambling” The aim is to equip kids with scissors so they can fight back.

Hello Future Pastebin Readers – “Over time, all data approaches deleted, or public. All data leaks. This is not a property of the internet, but a property of data — just ask the Pharaohs of Egypt about their secret tombs. Data is observed (and therefore replicated), or obliterated through time. All public data has the power to replicate on its own.”

Why the rich love Burning Man – “The festival has become a playground for wealthy libertarians. Maybe it was never a socialist utopia to begin with”

Keepalive at Aram Bartholl – “The boulder from the region Neuenkirchen, Niedersachsen contains a thermoelectric generator which converts heat directly into electricity. Visitors are invited to make a fire next to the boulder to power up the wifi router in the stone which then reveals a large collection of PDF survival guides.”

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