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Identity squatting and spy training. A conversation with Simon Farid – “Walking around a city while registering under another identity is a surprisingly affecting experience. It begins with an initial feeling of illicitness, the excitement of doing something one is not supposed to. But past this, there is a deeper feeling of liberation. Doing this has really highlighted for me the number of identity checks one is subject to all the time and how affecting these can be; a constant series of re-confirmations, like Simon Farid is always in question. To trick these systems (maybe not all of them, but some, sometimes) really does feel like a weight off one’s shoulders. ”

Plant This Movie | The International Urban Agriculture Documentary – “Plant This Movie explores the zeitgeist of urban farming around the world, from the incredible story of Havana, Cuba to communities of urban farmers in cities as diverse as Shanghai, Calcutta, Addis Ababa, London, and Lima. In the US, the story focuses on New York, New Orleans, Los Angeles and Portland, Oregon. The film is narrated by Daryl Hannah.”

Latvia and Greece Kick Out Monsanto Becoming Latest E.U. Countries to Ban GMOs – “First Scotland opted to ban GM crops from its country, citing fear of GMO crops contaminating its food supply, then Germany followed suit. Now, both Latvia and Greece have booted Monsanto from their countries and banned the only GM crop presently allowed to be grown in E.U. countries, Monsanto’s MON810 GM Maize.”

Is the “Five Second Rule” Real? A Food Scientist Explains. – “So the next time you consider eating dropped food, the odds are in your favor that you can eat that morsel and not get sick. But in the rare chance that there is a microorganism that can make you sick on the exact spot where the food dropped, you can be fairly sure the bug is on the food you are about to put in your mouth.”

This Is What It Feels Like to Treat Depression with Magic Mushrooms – “So might micro-dosing be as effective a depression reliever in the long-term as it appears in the short-term? Fadiman won’t be able to know with the data currently available to him; more formal scientific studies are going to have to be done on micro-dosing before anyone can deduce anything for certain.”

How highly advanced hackers (ab)used satellites to stay under the radar – “Piggyback hack allowed Turla gang to conceal location of control servers.”

The 82 Commandments of Alejandro Jodorowsky – “82. If you are meditating and a devil appears, make the devil meditate too.”

Charlie Brooker’s Black Mirror to become a Netflix show – “Exclusive: Sources say the US streaming giant has agreed terms to make original episodes of the hit dystopian drama”

​The US Owes the World $4 Trillion for Trashing the Climate – “The rest of the world is crying out for help,” Mathews said, “and the developed world is digging in its heels, and refusing to pay its debts.”

“A cultural and artisan event” FBI files on Burning Man – “As is often the case, the most interesting parts of the file are the most heavily redacted. First is this note early on that due to mysterious “past events,” the festival would be used as a sort of “test case” scenario …”

Basel, Switzerland: Call for a “NoBorder – NoNation – NoConex” demonstration – “From the 16th-25th of September 2015, a Swiss military training called “CONEX15” will take place in Northwestern Switzerland and formulates the threat scenario as follows: “In a fictional Europe of the future, with new countries and borders, there is an economic crisis. The following consequences also have an impact on Switzerland: supply shortages, a black market, and criminal organizations. Big oil, gas and grain stocks are the target of sabotage and looting. Moreover, ethnic tensions lead to larger refugee flows to Switzerland.”


Weniger Gefühl, bitte! – “Güzin Kar fragt sich, wie lange es gut gehen kann, wenn Solidarität auf Sympathie und Betroffenheit aufbaut.”

Dieser Roboter blamiert antisemitische Verschwörungstheoretiker – “Mit Hilfe verschiedener Schlüsselwörter und Phrasen durchsucht dieser Bot Twitter und beteiligt sich dann mit verschiedenen Informationen am Gespräch. Das heißt, wer ab heute auf Twitter dringend über „Schuldkult”, „Nazijuden”, die, „Holocaustindustrie”, „Totschild” und sehr viele andere antisemitische Themen reden muss, wird das nicht mehr, ohne eine Reaktion zu bekommen, tun können.”

Lärm in Zürich und anderswo: Bis uns Hören und Sehen vergeht – “Ist im Tram grad kein Ghettoblaster zur Hand, tut’s zur Not auch ein scheppernder Handy-Lautsprecher.”

Generation Camper: Bäume pflanzen für das Klima – “80 Prozent der touristischen Klimabelastung gehen, so die Berechnungen, auf das Konto der Flüge. Tourismus insgesamt macht inzwischen ein Zehntel der globalen Emissionen aus. Tendenz: überall steigend.”

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