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John Oliver: Migrants and Refugees – “Millions of migrants seeking asylum in Europe face hostility, racism, and red tape. John Oliver does one admittedly tiny thing for one of them.”

Die Brücke | The Bridge | Le pont | جسر – “ Zentrum für Politische Schönheit”


Foto/Industria – “The second Biennial is promoted and organized by the MAST Foundation with the artistic direction of François Hébel. The fourteen exhibitions, with free admission, are dedicated to industrial photography, enterprise and work: twelve are in prestigious locations of the historic city centre and two shows are at the MAST, curated by Urs Stahel.”

‘I want to fuck every man in the ass’: Grace Jones on misogyny and the music industry – “Grace Jones reveals how the trauma of standing up for herself in a man’s world almost led to her being sectioned by her own family”

Can you will yourself to die? – “Is it possible to command your heart to stop beating? Without any physical act of suicide or deliberate starvation, can a human being die just because they wish to?”

La conspiration – Brève histoire du génie. Et des ingénieurs. – “La conspiration que nous révèlerons dans ce feuilleton de politique (science) fiction est elle bien réelle. Ses agents pensent nos réseaux électriques et déploient les câbles par lesquels nous communiquons. Ses machines magiques altèrent nos perceptions et mettent au travail nos sentiments.”

700 Beehives Hang Off This Rocky Cliff to Boost Dwindling Bee Populations – “the Shennongjia Nature Reserve is unique in that its location has several different climates zones in a single area—subtropical, warm temperate, temperate and cold temperate—which allows for a rich variety of fauna and flora (as well as ample pollen) to grow. Along with the bees, approximately 1,131 species of plants grow in the reserve, along with 54 kinds of animals, 190 kinds of birds, 12 kinds of reptile and 8 kinds of amphibian.”

Edward Snowden (@Snowden) | Twitter – “I used to work for the government. Now I work for the public.”

Powell Vs Steve Albini!!!! – “The electronic music I liked was radical and different, shit like the White Noise, Xenakis, Suicide, Kraftwerk, and the earliest stuff form Cabaret Voltaire, SPK and DAF. When that scene and those people got co-opted by dance/club music I felt like we’d lost a war. I detest club culture as deeply as I detest anything on earth. So I am against what you’re into, and an enemy of where you come from”

Artist Interview: Mobstr – “I was talking to someone my work recently and I remarked how it was pointless. But then when you step back from it all, everything is pointless. Some people preoccupy themselves bringing up kids or by focusing on a career. I distract myself with painting on things I’m not supposed to. I play with the system in place and I question it from time to time, not because I am trying to prove a point but simply because I am enjoying myself.”

Scenes from Inside Aleppo: How Life Has Been Transformed by Rebel Rule – “A Syrian writer revisits the city he attended college in, with sketches by Molly Crabapple.”

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