i drive a renault !!??!!

omg, i drive a renault.
and now i am totally spooked …
last week or so there was a huge traffic accident on one of the swiss freeways. it was due to the heavy mist.
66 cars were involved!
one person died.
the person who died was one of the last one’s to hit the accident!
this person drove a renault.

this reminded me of a night in november 1972.
it was late, i had been sleeping, but i woke up, because i heard my mother screaming in her room.
she had just received a phonecall informing her, that her brother, my beloved oncle and godfather – what am i saying? my hero! – had died in a traffic accident on the freeway.
now i just found out:
he drove a renault [r6]

why the hell did i buy a renault?

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