48’500’000.– sFr

thats the amount of money people spend each year just listening to messagery announcements in switzerland (if you take all three mobile phone companies together).

you surely have noticed how over the last few years these announcements have been s l o w i n g ….. d o w n ….. soooooo much, yer face may fall asleep while listening….
swisscom, the biggest mobphon company in switzerland recently bumped their combox announcements from the lowest of the 3 companies, with 9 sec., to the longest announcement worth 15 sec. by repeating the number of the person you are calling in superslowmotion.
“you have reached 0 ….. 7 ….. 9 …….. etc ….. etc …. etc …. please leave a message after the ……errrrr?….. beeep”

on tellie today they did the counts.
grand total: 48’500’000 each year!
good work, guys.

[via ABE tsr]

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