who are you ??? who. who.

rediscovered this in the latest chuck palahniuk book diary….
[what a brilliant book!!! again!!! chuck is god!!!!]

quick jungian personality test:
1. name a colour! describe it using 3 adjectives
2. name an animal! again come up with 3 adjectives
3. same for: a body of water
4. you are in a room with white walls and no windows, what 3 adjectives come to mind.

do all this quick, without thinking too much, write it down and click
1. the colour represents how you see yourself [i said orange: naughty, unconventional, warm]
2. the animal is how you see others [eagle: independent, proud, remote]
3. the body of water represents sex [river: familiar, adventourous, lucious]
4. the white room is how you feel about death [uncool, too cool, ambivalent]

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