is it the music?

some stuff vaguely having to do with music…. sort of
oh say, my soul is rather cheap
on this spoof corporate website done by adam freeland [of marine parade] you can find out the current value of your soul. simple test. straightforward result. pling ting.
and oh well, what do you know, my soul is rather cheap, say…
Your soul is worth 9464. For your peace of mind, 80% of people have a purer soul than you.
that helps!
then there is this brillant idea!
a webiste urging file sharers to repent for “stealing music” by emailing all their mp3s back to the RIAA.
it even gives you instructions on how to send them by fax… errrr… say what?
[via stayfree newsletter]
michael jackson is in the news again for more alleged child molesting and who would have guessed…
yet this website points out another tragedy:
michael jackson looks nothing like his doll anymore

images of michael jackson doll sniffed by a dog!

[via fleshbot]

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