of phlegm and such

what do you do when you come down with the same exact symptoms your father had, when he noticed he had cancer?
you don’t panic, right?
you face your fears.
you sit down and take a deep breathe. [which will actually make you cough]
you count backwards from 10.
you tell yourself you could die any old way. [for instance while sitting at a busstop quietly waiting for your bus and slam, you could get run over by a car and die, as has happened in zureich yesterday]
you chill.
you deny-negotiate-get angry-grieve-etc.
you wait and see.
yes, i do think i am a hyperchondriac. i am!
but can this dry icky cough please go now?
you made your point!

[and for tomorrow i made an appointement with dr. loser, and i am not making this up…]

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