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Quite confused how to number this, it’s calendar week 53, somehow, yet this is the first linkdump 2016. Went with the calendar week.


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#32c3 If you watch just three talks

Computational Meta-Psychology – Joscha

Ten years after ‚We Lost The War‘ – rop and frank

The Price Of Dissent – CAGE and Cerie Bullivant

[So yeah, I should have just watched day 3 really…]

#watch and

A Resolution – “A Resolution” looks back on the crisis and confusion of 2015: climate change-driven wildfires, droughts, and storms; ISIS and their attacks in Paris, Beirut, and Ankara; bankrupt political leaders at COP21 debating how fast to kill the world; and an ever growing number of people murdered by police across American cities. As times grow darker, as despair and hopelessness grow in tandem with stupidity and horror, people everywhere are searching for vision and direction.”

Charlie Brooker’s 2015 Wipe – “Writer and broadcaster Charlie Brooker is back for his annual review of the past 12 months. He takes a satirical look back at the news and cultural events of 2015, including the beginning of Corbyn-mania and a Tory majority, the end of Page Three, and Cecil the Lion. He also tackles the terrifying truth of 2015, as well as examining bizarre news stories, TV shows and general phenomena. Features special guests, including contributions by comedian Doug Stanhope and the ever insightful Philomena Cunk”

Projekt A – Trailer (deutsch) – “PROJEKT A / DOKUMENTARFILM 2015 / KINOSTART 4. FEBRUAR 2016 Der Dokumentarfilm PROJEKT A taucht ein in die vielschichtige Welt der Anarchisten und bricht mit den gängigen Klischees über Steinewerfer und Chaoten.”

Cassetteboy remix the news: 2015 review special – “Mash-up maestros Cassetteboy present a special review of this year’s news events, with guest appearances from the May general election, the Volkswagen scandal, the Labour leadership contest, a shrinking Nick Clegg, Nigel Farage on the EU referendum, the Fifa controversy, David Cameron, Donald Trump and many more”

Unsere Cyber Cyber Regierung – #32c3 – “Hurra, die Ultras gehören nun zum Jung & Naiv-Team! Ihre erste Aufgabe lautete: Der Cyber-Wahn der Bundesregierung – wo kann man “Cyber” überall reinpacken, womit lässt sich “Cyber” alles vermischen?”


Former Guantánamo detainee speaks to hacker conference by video link – “Moazzam Begg stresses the importance of encryption programs while convert Cerie Bullivant says ‘Muslims are the canaries in the mine’ of civil liberties”

The last place on Earth without human noise – “And for now, it’s still possible to find forests, seashores or mountains where you can relax for 15 minutes or more completely free from the clatter of human existence. If you find one of these serene sweet spots, however, it might be best to keep it quietly to yourself.” This is an older article that got re-plugged by the BBC for some reason.

Everything Is Computation – “We will no longer aspire to teach our children the truth, because like us, they will never stop changing their minds. We will teach them how to productively change their minds, how to explore the never ending land of insight.” Josha Bach.

Fatuma Musa Afrah – Excerpt from the #32c3 Keynote – “The first ever woman of color who had to leave her home country twice gave a moving keynote at the CCC conference with this years theme gated communities.”

Ian “Debian” Murdock dies after threatening suicide – “Ian Murdock is half of the founding team of Debian, a popular and foundational flavor of GNU/Linux from which Ubuntu and Mint are descended. Earlier this week, he posted a series of bizarre, racialized tweets in which he threatened to commit suicide to call attention to the police brutality he was experiencing. He is now dead, though the cause of his death has not been disclosed.”

This Guy. – “8.) THIS GUY!”

T17 Phase Out by user18081971 – “i prolly i shntnde downoied thi coz im drunki m ena uploaded..” Another Aphex Twin drunken upload.

Swerve by DJ Shadow – “DJ’s, Santa’s not done with you yet. He dropped off this nifty little battle weapon for me to share with you. Enjoy, and see you in 2016!”


32C3: Hackertreffen mit 13.000 Teilnehmern von DDoS-Angriffen geplagt – “Das eigene Netzwerk des Hackerkongresses hatte erstmals mit Blockadeversuchen von Cyberangreifern zu kämpfen, das separate Wiki war so gut wie nicht erreichbar. Am Ende waren Mensch und Technik erschöpft.”

Terror-Bingo – This one is online, but check later.

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