wolfing it down

i just finished reading chuck palahniuk’s diary and started with tad william’s otherland – sea of silverlight, and the difference between these two reads could not be more blatant.
after “slowreading” diary, i can only describe what i do with otherworld as wolfing it down.
so here it is, the difference between trying to make something last as long as possible = slowreading, and trying to get something out of the way as quickly as possible = wolfing it down.
dont get me wrong, otherland is a great story. in fact it is a must read. but more in the task-like sense of a must.
[and just for the record [hi chuck!] here is a hint: it’s enough to read part I and part IV of otherland. you ll still get the story! plus there are great synopsi [<---???] at the beginning of each book. in fact only reading part IV would prolly be enough, and it will save you alot of your valuable time!]
but here is the difference between an artist and a great storyteller. between great literature and good entertainment.
chuck palahniuk is an intuitive. you cant praise him enough. he keeps surprising on every page. he is up there in the league with the de lillo’s, roth’s and pyncheon’s. and his books are always too short.
tad williams is an honest craftsman. tidy. a good tension builder. but sometimes too tedious, you keep looking at the page numbers, and at 1200+ pages, i mean come on… his books are always too long, and the covers make you wanna puke.

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