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Willkommen in der grossen Dunkelheit – “Totale Verwirrung und das heimliche Verlangen nach einem starken, totalitären Staat – so wird die Durchsetzungsinitiative am Ende angenommen. Nicht weil sich die Zustände in diesem Land verschlechtern, sondern auch, weil die Medien den Kompass verloren haben.”

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She Dances With 10,000 Bees on Her Body – “Sara Mapelli brings new meaning to the term “queen bee” as she dances with a swarm of bees blanketing her body. While wearing the queen of the hive, Mapelli is surrounded by 10,000 bees, creating what she describes as a meditative atmosphere of movement, energy, and sound.”

Baby elephant falls asleep – “The baby elephant was up on her feet for the last hour, and she literally fell asleep.”

Let’s Not Use Mars as a Backup Planet | Lucianne Walkowicz – “The more you look for planets like Earth, the more you appreciate our own planet.” There truely is no planet B.

Avalanche Mayens de Saxon Valais Suisse – “Rare !!! Avalanche lente et très puissante. On entend le bruit des arbres qui cassent !!!”

Next time be careful with your phone (ORIGINAL VIDEO) – “Jacob is a little bit too caring”


This Year in Davos, Opponents Aren’t Even Bothering to Protest – “As thousand of members of the global elite descend this week on the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland, one group is notably absent: protesters.”

A war of ideals – “From under the floorboards of Fortress Modernity the West’s moral foundations are slowly crumbling. Contrary to its mantra, not all progress is good progress.”

Coders Assimilate Donald Trump to a Programming Language – “Two computer science students “Make Python Great Again,” and, in the process, troll Trump beautifully.”

2015 Shatters Hottest Year Mark; 2016 Hot on its Heels? – “It’s official: 2015 was the hottest year on record, beating out 2014 by the widest margin in 136 years of record keeping, U.S. government agencies announced Wednesday.”

Has This Microbiologist Found the Answer to Antibiotic Resistance? – “Schmidt’s research has focused on usingBacteriophages (or phages as they’re informally known,) a category of naturally-occurring bacteria fighters that use a different strategy than typical antibiotics in the fight against bacteria.”

Pirating the Oscars 2016 – “Every year since 2003, I’ve tracked the illicit distribution of Oscar-nominated films online in the ongoing war between Hollywood, the MPAA, and a bunch of scrappy kids on IRC.”

​Unearthing the Secret History of ‘LA’s Deadliest Punk Rock Gang’ – “LMP members attended shows en masse, but often seemed to be there out of bloodlust rather than any sort of musical appreciation. Whether it was stabbing an innocent bystander or humiliating a band’s frontman by trapping him in a trash can for hours, tales of LMP’s indiscriminate violence spread like wildfire throughout the punk scene in the mid-80s.”

In NYC, pay phones become free Wi-Fi hotspots—and masturbation stations – “Last week, a sex toy company called Hot Octopuss converted an unused phone booth at 28th Street and 5th Avenue into its GuyFi chamber of self-love by adding a black privacy curtain, a chair, and a laptop with high-speed Internet.”

Martin Luther King Jr. Celebrations Overlook His Critiques of Capitalism and Militarism – “The last few years of King’s life, by contrast, are generally overlooked. When he was assassinated in 1968, King was in the midst of waging a radical campaign against economic inequality and poverty, while protesting vigorously against the Vietnam War. This was a campaign whose intellectual roots were found in a younger King, who grew uneasy with the excesses of capitalism around him even as he focused on civil rights issues.”

Why Netflix VPN ‘Pirates’ (Shouldn’t) Terrify Hollywood – “This week Netflix announced that it would ramp up its crackdown on VPN and proxy pirates. The decision is a response to increased demands from major Hollywood players, but is this fear of VPN pirates justified?”

Revenant is meaningless pain porn – “This empty, violent movie will scoop up awards. What does that say about society and our attitude to violence?” Just the headline says it all.


«Kölner Neujahrsnacht war ein obszöner Karneval von Underdogs» Slavoj Žižek Interview – “Flüchtlinge sind der Preis des globalen Kapitalismus. Dessen entfesselte Dynamik zerstört Lebens- und Kulturräume und vereinnahmt Staaten. Flucht ist – wie auch Terror – ein Symptom des neuen Klassenkampfs.”

Der “Krieg der Geschichten” Teil 1: Die Echokammern des Schreckens – Der Versuch einer Medienreflexion – “Ein Innehalten, etwas Abstand nehmen und sich überhaupt bewusst machen, dass jede Erregung vielleicht einen realen Bezug besitzt, aber die Intensität mitunter einfach auf einer plumpen emotionalen Ansteckung, einer Art Hysterie, Panik und Paranoia beruht. Die geliebte Vernunft, als Ausdruck eines ruhenden Gegenpols zur blanken Emotion, als Sinnbild von Zivilisation und Aufklärung, scheint in diesen Tagen nur wenig Beachtung zu erhalten oder wird durch Erregung überstrahlt.”

Undercover im Asylheim – “Gewalt, Drogen, Sicherheitslücken. Was der verdeckte Reporter Shams Ul-Haq im Empfangszentrum Kreuzlingen erlebte”

Köln-Übergriffe: Sozialarbeiter über straffällige Nordafrikaner – “Einwanderer aus Nordafrika stehen seit den Silvester-Übergriffen unter Generalverdacht. Vielen bleibt nichts anderes, als zu stehlen, sagt der Düsseldorfer Sozialarbeiter Samy Charchira. Er fordert: Deutschland muss mehr für die jungen Männer tun.”

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