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Comedians Sitting on Vibrators Getting Coffee with Sara Schaefer – “Nikki and Sara Schaefer chat about squirting while sitting on vibrators being controlled by other people.”

Cassetteboy vs The Apprentice – Donald Trump Edition #makedonalddrumpfagain – “Make Donald Drumpf Again”

Last Week Tonight with John Oliver: Donald Trump – “Our main story was about Donald Trump. We can’t believe we’re saying that either.”


Banksy lawyers delayed geographical profiling study – “A study that tests the method of geographical profiling on Banksy has appeared, after a delay caused by an intervention from the artist’s lawyers.”

Stranded on the Macedonian Border – “As migrants from across the Middle East and Africa continue to make the journey to western Europe by the thousands, the flow of refugees traveling the “Balkan corridor” is now being constricted. Austria and some Balkan states have recently begun to cap the number of migrants allowed to enter their borders, and further restrict who is allowed to pass. Macedonia is limiting the entry of refugees to several hundred per day, and allowing only refugees from Syria and Iraq to enter. The bottleneck has resulted in a swift buildup of approximately 10,000 refugees and migrants along the Greece-Macedonia border fence, with Greek authorities warning that the number could climb to 70,000 by next month. Frustrated migrants have staged numerous protests, in some cases tearing down fences and gates, to be met with tear gas and Macedonian riot police.”

45/7 Vinyl Club mix #20: DJ Food – “A new all-45s mix I did for the 45/7 Vinyl Club (not to be confused with the 45Live crew but the aims are similar). Each guest is asked to provide a mix made from vinyl 45s only, answer 5 questions and choose a unique hand-painted cover which they are then sent with a special 45/7 Vinyl Club 7″.”

Make Donald Drumpf! – “MAKE DONALD DRUMPF AGAIN!”

How We Fooled Donald Trump Into Retweeting Benito Mussolini – “Gawker’s Ashley Feinberg created a Twitter bot that would post quotes from the writings and speeches of the Italian fascist dictator Benito Mussolini, but with all of them attributed to businessman and Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump. This morning, he retweeted that account.”

Switzerland votes on expelling foreigners for minor crimes – “Voters will be asked if foreign national guilty of two minor crimes, such as traffic offences, in 10 years, should be expelled”

Bill Maher Delivers Profane State of the Union : Lick My Balls, No New Taxes! – “Bill Maher concluded his show tonight by delivering a gloriously profane State of the Union to show just how coarse Donald Trump is making American politics.”


Philip K. Dick und wie er die Welt sah – “Über das Lebenswerk des herausragenden Science-Fiction-Autors Philip Kindred Dick, der im Jahr 1982 verstarb. Wie kein anderer prophezeite er in seinen fiktionalen Erzählungen den Überwachungs- und Technologiewahn des 21. Jahrhunderts. Seine Romane und Kurzgeschichten dienten als Vorlage für zahlreiche Hollywood-Verfilmungen, darunter “Blade Runner” und “Minority Report”.”

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