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Photoshop Philipp und die Imbiss-Speisekarte – “Wer hat nicht schon mal mit m̶a̶r̶i̶h̶u̶ m̶a̶r̶i̶e̶j̶u̶ cannabisinduziertem Heißhunger mehrere Stunden vor einer Imbiss-Speisekarte gesessen und sich gefragt, wer diese optischen Verbrechen begangen hat, um alle frittierfähigen Gerichte der Welt auf ein kleines Blatt Papier zu bannen?”


The Logan CIJ Symposium Challenge power! – “Building alliances against Secrecy, Surveillance &Censorship” 17:15 today, Snowden will speak.

Reports from the front – “Speakers: Jacob Appelbaum, Eveline Lubbers, Nafeez Ahmed, Natalia Viana, Martin Welz and Anas Aremeyaw Anas Moderator: John Goetz”

Hillary’s predicament and the history of capitalism: Former Monty Python member explains it all – “unfettered capitalism is unstable, empowers predatory behavior and worsens inequality is not merely uncontroversial but empirically obvious.”

BP ends 26-year sponsorship deal with Tate – “Oil company blames “challenging business environment” rather than protests”

Capitalism’s operating system has gone off the rails: An interview with Douglas Rushkoff – “The underlying problem is not a disease, however. It’s not that corporate capitalism has been corrupted by greed or even by the startup economy of digital businesses. The system is working precisely as it was designed to.”

Syrian refugees placed in same hotel as furry convention – “Syrian refugees resettling in Canada and a group of people dressed up as animals created a surreal and heartwarming scene of acceptance after they found themselves at the same hotel.”

Why Some ‘Radical Conservationists’ Think We Need to Abolish Capitalism to Save the Animals – “It’s industrial capitalism that is taking these events—which were in many ways local and affecting one part of the ecosystem—and making them global and pushing them to the point where we’re decimating the vast majority of life on the planet.”

The Capitalism Tribunal – “Everyone is invited to submit their charges against Capitalism.” via Regine @wmmna

BitTorrent Client Transmission Infected With First Mac Ransomware – “Transmission, one of the most used non-commercial BitTorrent clients, has the dubious honor of becoming the first OSX application to be infected by ransomware. Users who install the malicious application risk having their computers encrypted, with attackers demanding a Bitcoin payment to decrypt it.”


„Am Ende sind sowieso immer wir schuld” – Ein Gespräch mit den Betreibern der Reitschule – “Die Stadt ist an einer Leistungsvereinbarung mehr interessiert als die Reitschule. Wenn wir keinen Leistungsvertrag mehr haben, dann sind wir wieder ein besetztes Haus mitten in der Stadt.”

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