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WORLD’S BIGGEST BRIBE SCANDAL PART 1 UNAOIL: THE COMPANY THAT BRIBED THE WORLD – “In the list of the world’s great companies, Unaoil is nowhere to be seen. But for the best part of the past two decades, the family business from Monaco has systematically corrupted the global oil industry, distributing many millions of dollars worth of bribes on behalf of corporate behemoths including Samsung, Rolls-Royce, Halliburton and Australia’s own Leighton Holdings.”

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The Allergies – Rock Rock (feat. Andy Cooper) – “Bristol’s finest -The Allergies, are back with a phenomenal new single featuring the instantly recognisable vocal skills of Andy Cooper – one of the brains behind US undergound Hip Hop legends Ugly Duckling.”

BE DEUTSCH! [Achtung! Germans on the rise!] – “The world is going completely nuts! Europe feels threatened by 0.3% refugees, the USA are about to elect a man, of who no one really knows who is pulling the strings under the toupee and just as if that was not bad enough, Germany of all nations has to disabuse the world of how to behave morally right. I mean GERMANY! They did not even win one single world war in history!”

Snowden, Chomsky, and Greenwald discuss privacy – “The balance between national security and government intrusion on the rights of private citizens was the topic of a panel discussion featuring renowned linguist and MIT professor Noam Chomsky, NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden, and Intercept co-founding editor Glenn Greenwald. Nuala O’Connor, president and CEO of the Center for Democracy and Technology, acted as moderator.”

Like – “In our current world, where worth is often gauged by online popularity, an economy has developed for paying for followers and likes. Through access inside the “click-farms” of Bangladesh, Like explores the multi-million dollar industry that grows social media followings for celebrities and brands alike.”

Song: Erdowie, Erdowo, Erdogan – “In Sachen Pressefreiheit und Menschenrechte tritt der türkische Präsident ziemlich verhaltenskreativ auf. Also diplomatisch ausgedrückt.”

10-year-old Explains her #SuperheroCyborg Glitter-Shooting Arm (AKA “Project Unicorn”) – “Jordan worked with Autodesk and KIDmob to design a superhero cyborg prosthetic that shoots glitter.”

Trolle werden trollen – oder getrollt werden – Linus Neumann – “Hater sorgen nicht nur für miese Stimmung allerorten, sondern ziehen seit einigen Jahren den guten Ruf der Trolle in den Dreck. Zu Unrecht! Gerade weil das Netz an Hatern leidet, brauchen wir Trolle mehr denn je zuvor! Das Internet braucht unseren Humor, um nicht im Hass zu versinken.”


German Television Pulls Satire Mocking Turkey’s Erdogan – “GERMANY’S STATE BROADCASTER, ZDF, apologized on Friday for what it called satire that had crossed the line into slander and removed video of a comedian reading an obscene poem about Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan from its website and YouTube channel.”

Tracey Emin to adopt triplets – “None of this is set in stone yet”

From Democracy to Freedom – #longread “Next time a window of opportunity opens, rather than reinventing “real democracy” yet again, let our goal be freedom, freedom itself.”

Father begs Apple CEO to help unlock his dead 13-year-old son’s iPhone – “I think Apple should offer solutions for exceptional cases like mine.” Nope.

Turkey Wants Ban on Mocking Its Leader Enforced Abroad Too – “Now that Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan has nearly completed a crackdown on dissent at home — closing down opposition newspapers, prosecuting students for joking on Twitter about officials and putting journalists on trial — he seems intent on silencing critics in other countries as well”

Discipline and Pleasure – “Is addiction a deeper form of distraction or a desperate escape from it?”

Lacking control drives false conclusions, conspiracy theories and superstitions – “the need to feel in control is so powerful that people will resort to psychological solutions that return the world into a predictable state – pulling patterns from noise and causality from randomness.”

An Open Letter to Trump Voters from His Top Strategist-Turned-Defector – “The hard truth is: Trump only cares about Trump.” says his former Communications Director of the Make America Great Again Super PAC.

My Long, Dark Night in Trumplandia – “Trump is offering to be our sugar daddy? He wants to make America his trophy wife?”


Ich bin Prostituierte und Daten ist für mich die Hölle – “Beim ersten Date aber sofort auf die Arbeit reduziert zu werden, ist wahnsinnig nervig. Also erwartet auch nicht, dass ich mir das gefallen lasse. Ich denke, dass es doch wirklich nicht zu viel verlangt sein sollte, mit dem selben Respekt behandelt zu werden wie Menschen, die gesellschaftlich akzeptierten Berufen nachgehen.”

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